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If you live in a house with multiple WiFi signals you may have the same problem as me.  Your phone will not automatically switch to the strongest signal.  Whatever it connects to first, it will stay with until it loses signal, even if it is getting a stronger signal from another WiFi point.
automatically switch wifi signal, strongest signal

Above is my wireless modem, below is 1 of 2 wireless routers i have in another part of the house.
phone won't switch to strongest signal, wifi

It is possible to tell your phone to automatically switch, but it takes changing some settings and running an app.

Two apps that will do this are WiFly and WiFi Manager.  I already had WiFi Manager on my phone to monitor my WiFi signals.  
wifi manager, update, android, wifi switch

But in the settings there is an area where you can have it Switch to the Best Network.
wifi manager settings, switch, change

Automatically switching WiFi to the stronger signal.
wifi manager

The other program, Wi-Fly, is dedicated to this switch.  
wifly, wi-fly, wifly, strongest signal,

You tell it your network and it does the rest.
phone switch to strongest wifi signal

You must have your LOCATION turned ON.
turn on Location android phone

This will not work unless you have the Location turned on for your phone.
android phone location

A good thing is though that you only have to have your Battery Saving mode for Location turned on, not GPS.
phone location battery saver

This will mean that it won't use as much battery power.
phone settings

Transcript from Video:
well wouldn't it be great if the Wi-Fi
on your phone automatically switched to
the strongest signal at head well it
turns out it is possible and you might
already have the app on your phone to do
it now everybody's phone will
automatically switch Wi-Fi if you
completely lose signal and what I mean
by that is if you leave your house and
come back it connected to the strongest
signal that it recognizes and it
connects to it
but what I'm talking about is if you're
somebody like me that has two wireless
devices in your house I have a wireless
modem at one end and the wireless router
at the other end I could be right next
to the wireless router but if I'm
connected to that other device even
though I'm only getting one bar from
that and I could be getting full bars
from the other one it stays connected it
won't disconnect and connect to the
strongest signal but there is a way you
can do it so let me show you what you
need to do so the first thing is you
need an app that will automatically
switch to the strong signal and the two
bus that I found our Wi-Fi manager and
wife lie so let me first talk about the
app wife lie now this app is
specifically made for switching between
devices with the strongest signal and
all you have to do is set up your home
and all the devices you know and it will
automatically switch between them but
the trick is you must have location
turned on so if you go at the top of
your phone pull down in location which
is the thing you need to operate GPS
that must be on but the trick is you
don't need to have full GPS there's
three different settings for location
there's high accuracy which uses Wi-Fi
and GPS there's battery savings which
just uses the Wi-Fi and then there's
phone which uses just the GPS for this
to switch to the strongest signal you
can just have it on Wi-Fi the battery
savings mode which is good because I
don't like to leave my location turned
on I don't for multiple reasons one of
them it drains the battery but for
battery saving mode I'm fine with
leaving it on and you must have it on to
switch between devices
if you run Y fly or Wi-Fi manager and
you don't have location it will not
switch to the best signal now the other
app was something I already had on my
phone and it's called a Wi-Fi manager
and it looks like this now within that
Wi-Fi manager app if you click on the
three dots in the top right and you go
to settings and you scroll a little ways
down there's a best network category and
you can click on switch - best network
and you can check it every one minute
current level there's a whole bunch of
different settings you can do which is
just like Wi-Fi so you
actually have to download that other
program and this will also automatically
switch to the best signal I never knew
this had this feature and I never had it
turned on and I never would have had let
my location turned on but once I did it
started switching so this is great I can
walk to one end of the my house and it
will connect to the strongest signal
there I can go in the basement it will
connect to the strongest signal there so
it's not like before where I might be
sitting right next to a wireless device
and I'm getting one bar from the other
end of the house because I connected to
that one first now it will automatically
switch so a lot of people say your phone
won't do it and it won't on its own but
with these two things turning on your
location battery saving mode Wi-Fi mode
and running one of these two apps Wi-Fi
manager or wife lie and turning it on
and having it run and you will
automatically connect to the strongest
signal so I hope this helps I hope it
alleviates problems I know I've had and
I everything I read said you it couldn't
be done but it turns out it can and it
does work so let me know if this helps

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