Culligan Water Filter Review - Whole House Filter

Culligan Water Filter Review and Change

We installed the Culligan 4.5x10 inch whole house filter for all the water entering our house.  Actually we have 4 filters, 2 of them being this kind.  In the two Culligan filters i have installed a 20 micron and 5 micron filter.  They work very well at removing the iron/rust.
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They work so well that the 20 micron filter (left) has to be changed monthly.
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After shutting off the water valves, pushing the red button on top of the filter to drain the water, the clear casing can be unscrewed and the old filter removed.

Here you can see how much rust we have in our water.
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It goes from white to brown in a month.
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Before installing the new filter it's important to add food-safe lubricant to the O-ring.  Otherwise there can be leaks.
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Overall this is a great water filter for around $60.  It is well built, handles a large amount of water flow, and the clear housing lets you see when the filter needs to be changed.  I'm really glad i went with this one over the $25 DuPont filter.
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Transcript from Video:
so today I wanted to go over this
culligan water filter why I bought this
particular one and how to change the
actual filter cartridge now this is a
culligan WH - HD 2
memorable name but there's a couple
reasons why I bought it
I like the size of this cartridge it's
for a ten by four and a half cartridge
that looks like this um another popular
filter you could have bought is I think
it's made by DuPont it's blue it's a
little bit cheaper but I really like
this one this was $5
ones 2
and as you can see we have rust in our
water and I like to be able to see when
I need to change your filter this one
looks pretty good this one's ready to be
changed real quickly the filter system I
set up I did a video on it earlier real
quickly the water system we have set up
here we have a well and we have arsenic
in our water a small amount but this
will not get rid of the arsenic we need
a reverse osmosis filter to get rid of
that but we also have some other
particles including an iron which turns
to rust as you can see here I have a 1
a 5 filter that out
these two are the iSpring filters that
are blow offs you just open the valve
and they blow out right off now as far
as these filter units themselves they're
a lot bigger than I thought they were
gonna be when I bought them and they're
really nice and sturdy I thought this
was gonna be a thin plastic or this was
gonna be kind of cheap plastic it's
pretty well built it's nice and solid
I'm not worried about it breaking once
minor concern was where you're putting
the fittings in you're screwing the
brass fittings in are plastic it's not
super reliable looking but I haven't had
any issues so far but they're definitely
well-built so today you can see this one
is full of rust this is where I have a
2 up I'm gonna change it our iron in our
house is really bad this has been not
quite two months and it's gotten to this
point so because of that you don't just
buy one filter you have to buy a whole
to get a good deal if you buy one of
these filters you can get them for 1
2 it averages out to under $7 a filter
again these can use any 1
a half inch diameter filter there's a
whole bunch there's the accordion style
filter there's ones that are woven wire
there's carbon filters so the good thing
about these is you can use them for any
situation you want you buy this one
filter unit you could put a 5 micron a
2 these can fit any insert you want to put
in there right now you can see I have
two in here this is a 5 micron with a
different housing and this is the the 2
micron so I'm gonna change the 2
right now so the way I do with my system
is first I close the water coming in at
one end and the other so now this is
closed and now I don't have to but I
would open this so now there's still
water to the house
it's just bypassing all these filters so
now there's no water getting to any of
these valves I can open up this valve to
let off the pressure but just so you
know if you don't have this unit there's
a blow-off valve a red button on the
tops of these units what I like to do is
put a towel on it and push the button
and right now it just got soaked with
water so the pressure is now removed
from this filter and you can check that
if you don't have this I can open up
this valve and I can see that no water's
coming out next you get one of your big
wrenches and it's a little bit tricky
you have to remember it's lefty loosy
but you're looking from the top so it's
actually so you just slide your wrench
up on the filter cartridge and it's
secured to the wall with this big
bracket you don't just want to have it
hanging yeah oh and these can be really stuck on
there with all the pressure and the
filter and also you're gonna want plenty
of rags and I have a big bucket under
here to catch the water because this is
full of water right see house unscrew it
and water will start to pour out like
that also water is pouring out because it's
coming out of this whole system right
now and pull it down and now you can see
this character just pretty well spent
it's around rust all the way through
next pour that out and I'm not going to
clean this one because it looks pretty
clean if it's really bad sometimes rust
could get out here and I'll give this a
good wipe to get all this out but one
thing you have to be pay extra attention
to is this gasket up here at the top you
don't want it to I could see it's gotten
a little bit bigger than the fitting you
want to put a lot of grease on this and
good thing is I can still see grease on
it from the last time I did this and the
grease you want to use is something like
this it says food grade or non-toxic
spend a couple hours since I just shot
that last clip and that was because I
was trying to get this o-ring to fit
back in this groove when I took it out I
noticed it was a little boat and I tried
some different things well I tried one
thing and that was to freeze it I put it
in the freezer for two hours and I came
back and it still doesn't fit so that's
why it's always good to have a bunch of
oring backups that also fit now I'm
gonna try to get this to fit I'm gonna
try to put it back up in here if it
doesn't fit tightly which it doesn't
right now it's kind of bowed out you can
see at the top there's a big bow in it
I'll use another oring another technique
they said you could use a heat gun or
try boiling it I'm not going to go
through all that trouble yet I'm gonna
try to get it in there um but first you
do have to use this lubricant too
because that oring needs to be a
floating oring it shouldn't just be
sitting in there it needs to freely move
and not get pinched when you seat it so
I like to use a lot of this uh lubricant
jelly put it down here so that it okay
so I put a quite a bit of the lubricant
on the whole ring then I take the new
filter and I put it down in the coverage
there's a little bump that sticks up
there if it's right in the center and
now you have to thread this back up in
there and making sure that this hole
lines up with the inlet hole on the
filter and I'm also gonna try to get
this o-ring to fit in there to be
pressed back into place if it doesn't
work on though because it will start
leaking pretty tight one little cinch
with this there we go
should be all installed back I'm gonna
turn the water on now
let's turn the bypass off slowly turn
the mainline back on we should see it go
yeah now we'll know if it leaks or not
okay the water is back on I opened up
the filter line and the outlet line I
don't see any leaks I don't feel any
leaks that should be it another thing is
if you don't have shut offs like I have
where I can shut the water off there is
you can turn this and you can go to
bypass you can bypass this and it will
not leak out so you just turn this blue
ring to bypass on here and water won't
come out also after you reinstall the
filter it's a good idea to push this red
button to let out any air because air is
trapped up here you can see water shoots
out so that gets any air out of the
system but overall I'm really happy with
these culligan filters are super sturdy
I haven't had an issue knocking on wood
again they're they're a little bit
plasticky the fittings plastic it takes
a big fitting the big 1 inch fitting but
overall they've held up great I can see
right in when the filters dirty I can
see if I have how the rust is if it's
ready to be changed but I'm really happy
with the system I have overall these are
much more convenient when they're dirty
you just open it up close it all that
stuff is washed off but overall these
handle a lot more through the filter and
I haven't had an issue with flow into
the house some people might say oh you
add a filter you're gonna reduce your
pressure you're gonna reduce your
gallons per minute I haven't had an
issue I'm using 3/4 inch pipe the
fittings are one-inch coming in so I
haven't had an issue with flow through
the system at all I did just a
non-scientific test trying to fill up a
tub or a bucket up in the upstairs I
haven't had an issue with the flow so
overall I'm really happy with it how
they how these filters have worked so
far so let me know what you think 

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