Red Wings

I got 4 tickets from work to the Red Wings game the other day. So i took Karrie, Jill and her friend Stacey. Jill drove and while backed up at the off ramp to the parking garage, some guy rolled down his window and asked if he gave her $20 could he cut in front of her. That payed for food for the 2nd period. steps in front of joe lewis arena, detroit red wings, hockey
The game was ok, the Wing's lost and seemed slow. Datsyuk was the only one that i thought was playing great.

joe lewis arena seats, view from the upper deck, wings, datsyuk
joe lewis arena seats, view from the upper deck, wings, datsyuk


Zelda turns 25

25 years ago on February 21, 1986 The Legend of Zelda was released. the legend of zelda, nes, nintendo, 8 bit, 25 years, 1986Play the game - The Legend of Zelda

This is definitely my favorite game of all time. It has everything a great game needs. There's lots of action requiring quick decisions. You need to discover hidden secrets and come up with different ideas to get past each level. The way that the game combines all of these elements is what makes it such a great game.
And the music is awesome still today. nintendo, zelda, greatest game ever, of all time, music
Since the original version that came out for the NES, there have been many other versions, including The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
This is a 3D version for the N64. It was an amazing game too and had things like fishing and horseback riding while shooting a bow.
N64, legend of zelda, ocarina of time, great game
The story is similar to others like The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. Where someone, who's safe and quiet home is threatened, sets off on an impossible quest to save their world. Even though when he sets off he isn't the fastest, smartest or strongest he decided to go anyway. The kind of idea that shows the difference one person can make. I like these kind of stories. And with Zelda being a video game, you are not just following the story, you become the character and feel more of a connection.

Apparently when you go off on a huge quest you have to put your foot up on a rock and stare off into the distance.
lord of the rings, return of the king, looking at volcano, mordor, frodo
star wars, luke looking at the suns, wondering, future, quest
legend of zelda, quest, sword, forest, mountains


MSU Hockey Game

I went to see MSU play Northern Michigan at Munn Arena with my family. Northern won but it was still a good game. John and Katie got the tickets which were right behind the penalty box.
msu hockey, michigan state university, front row, penalty box
michigan state university vs northern michigan university, hockey, munn arena
msu vs nmu, hockey, penalty box, referee, munn arena


Vector Magic

I downloaded a program the other day called Vector Magic. You add a picture, click just a few buttons and it converts your picture into vector art for you. It's super easy. You can customize the result with things like more or less detail.

Here's what i mean, this is the original picture from Sleeping Bear Dunes.
vector art, how to convert picture to vector, vector magic program, free
And here it is after setting the vector detail to low.

(click on the pictures to enlarge)great lakes, sand dunes, vector photo
Arizonavector, mountains of arizona
Here's one where i also used layering in Photoshop so that Jack stays the same but the rest of the picture is vectorized.
vector and photoshop, masking, background, how to