Car accidents suck

About a month ago i was driving to the airport for work and in a construction area on I-75 i got rear-ended by another car. I called 911 but since i was in Detroit, the Detroit Police said they didn't need to come out. The damage doesn't look real bad but i slowed down to about 30mph and he had to be going around 60mph. Neither of us was hurt.car accident, pontiac grand prix, detroit, I-75, rear end
Long story short i ended up going to 3 police stations, including the state police, but finally got a police report and had my car fixed. They originally estimated the repairs at $3200 but it ended up costing $4900 and took 2 weeks to fix.


This movie basically has everything, great story, great acting and great visual effects. It's one of those movies that sticks in your head even a few days after you see it. It's reminded me a lot of the Matrix. It was a little confusing at first, then got more confusing, then got really confusing but you should still definitely see it if you like sci-fi movies at all.

out of 10

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Yes, it's a book.
A series of books with words in it.
It's like the Cliffs Notes of Google.

Before Google,
you had to buy these books. If it wasn't in there, you had to head to the library to sort through other books. Encyclopedia, Britannica, remember, how to use Now i don't know who was the first person to jump off the Broolkyn Bridge... but google does. Oh look, it's Robert E. Odlum in 1885. Google is awesome.


I go from finger painting to the Sistine Chapel

If you're like me then you've probably used the program on your computer called Paint. I highly doubt though that you're as awesome as i am and have drawn a picture as sweet as this.
MS Paint drawing, doodle, sketch, paint shop, paint, computer Then the other day i tried the free program Sculptris. It's amazing. It's super fun and easy to draw cool faces.
I made this guy in the first 5 minutes of using it. Seriously, this only took me 5 minutes.Sculptris, blob, purple, face, easy, fast The thing that makes this program so cool is that it's so easy to use. Much like Paint there are only a few functions, 5 to be exact; flatten, grab, smooth, inflate and crease. That's it.
It makes you feel like you know what you're doing. Give it a try, it's actually really fun and did i say it's easy?

Later i spent MAYBE 15 minutes and drew this face.

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