Paint Bedroom

The day after Karrie and i finished redoing the family room with drywall, trim and paint we started on our bedroom.  We figured that if we didn't do it right away, it would never get done.  So we used the left over 3/4 can of paint we had and started painting the walls.  The room also needed paint on the ceiling and closet, since we painted everything yellow when i first moved in and took down all the wallpaper. 

One problem we ran into was applying new paint over-top of the old paint.  For some reason it smeared and didn't cover too well.  So our 3/4 of a can didn't cover all of the walls.  So we could either buy more paint of that same color or do what we ended up doing...picking a new color.  If we were going to have to repaint it anyway, we decided to pick a color we really liked, rather then just go with what we had.

I didn't take a bunch of pictures this time.  Here's what it looked like at about the half way point.  Some of the white ceiling and trim was done and this was the first color.
bedroom wood floor, paint wall, remove wallpaper

Here's the closet shelves painted white.  I built these shelves way back in 2009. 
white closet shelves, redo closet, build shelf in closet

I think they look a lot "cleaner" being all white, rather then the natural wood.  I also ended up changing the layout a bit.  I took out the bottom 2 shelves and put in a 3rd hanger bar.  I got the bar from the shelves in my office that i also built back in 2009.

This picture was taken after everything was all done.  I ended up going through all my clothes and took 5 garbage bags to the Salvation Army.  I got rid of all the clothes that were too small or stuff i never wore.
how to organize a closet, closet shelves, hooks

I like the hangers more then the baskets.  It makes it easier to see what's there.  With the baskets, i would have things like shirts buried under a pile of other shirts.  Now everything's hung up and visible.

Like the family room, we decided to change out the electric outlets and covers.  Like i said before, it makes it look way better, rather than replacing those old painted over plugs.  And the good thing is that they are super cheap.
cheap easy replace outlet plugs

This time too, we went with the Jumbo outlet covers rather than the standard size ones.
jumbo large outlet covers

Here's what the room looks like now.  We hung up our new curtains and attached the wall mounted TV stand.
repainted bedroom, bed bath beyond curtains, tv wall mount

The wires are hidden with a piece of PVC pipe that was also painted to match the color of the wall.


More Light Photography

These pictures were taken several months ago but i forgot that we took them.  They were taken in our backyard with a flashlight and some sparklers. 

Here's Emma and Olivia being "outlined" with a flashlight.  I had the camera on a tripod and the lens open for 15 seconds. 
flashlight, sparkler, night exposure, kids fun

You can see that Olivia stood still, Emma moved her head a little, but it still turned pretty cool.

And always when i do these types of pictures i try writing my name with a flashlight.  I haven't gotten any better.
flashlight, sparklers, write name, how to, photo, photograph

I think this was something that Karrie saw on Pinterest for wedding type photos.  She and i stood still while her dad walked around us with a sparkler. 
pinterest, wedding photo, sparkler, night, glow

This was the best result of about 5 attempts.  It was difficult getting the timing and lighting right.


New Tools

Last week i decided that i needed to get some new tools. 
chicago electric welder, harbor freight bostitch compressor, nail gun

On the left is a new welder and auto-dimming mask.  The reason i got those was for the new mufflers that i put on my car.  Like i said about that job, the shop was going to charge me $700 for parts and labor.  I got the parts myself for $300 and the welder and mask for under $140.  Then i did the job myself and got a new welder in the process.

The Chicago Electric 90amp Flux welder is nothing special.  In fact it's about the cheapest welder you can buy.  But the good things about it is that it automatically feeds the wire, just pull the trigger.  And it's a flux welder, which is similar to a MIG welder, except you don't need to use gas.  
cheap harbor freight welder, flux, easy

Normally shielding gas is needed when you are MIG or TIG welding to "protect" the metal during welding.  With this welder you have to buy special flux wire, which does the shielding, no gas needed.  So far the welder has worked perfectly, although it takes some practice getting the power and wire speed to the correct settings.  The mask is really cool though.  It automatically darkens when you start to weld, no more need to flip the mask up and down.
welder mask, auto dim, bostitch nail gun kit

The other big tools i bought was an air compressor and set of nail guns. I looked at quite a few different compressors.  I wanted something large but portable.  A compressor that was 1-3 gallons would be easy to carry but would constantly be turning on every time i used the tool.  Anything over 10 gallons would be too heavy.
bostitch air compressor 6 gal kit hose nail guns

This compressor is 6 gallons.  Another nice thing about it is that it's relatively quiet.  Meaning it's still loud but quieter then a lot of other compressors.

After reading some reviews on Amazon i found out that a popular complaint people had was that the pressure regulator knob would become stripped.  So immediately after buying the compressor i called the company and said that the knob on my compressor broke, it hadn't obviously.  The lady said, no problem, i'll send you the new replacement that is made of metal instead of plastic.  So now i have the upgraded part in case the knob eventually breaks.
bostitch air compressor replacement regulator knob stripped part

Also when i bought the compressor i got these three nail guns.  It was actually a kit, the compressor, hose and 3 nail guns for something like $220 at Lowe's. 
bostitch nail guns, kit, 16g, 18g,

They are 16 gauge 2.5" max, 18 gauge 2" max and an 18 gauge staple gun.  So far i have only used the 18 gauge gun with 1 1/4" nails.  It's worked great for attaching trim and non-load bearing pieces of wood.  If it were anything heavier i would use the thicker 16 gauge nails.

I also bought lots of miscellaneous tools.  The big case on the right is an air tool kit i got from Costco online.  It came with sockets, fittings, impact wrench (but only 300lb.ft.) and lots of other useful parts.
must have air tools, impact wrench, grinder, costco

In the gray case is a small air grinder that i got from Lowe's for $20.  It will be great for grinding and cleaning parts off the car.  And from Harbor Freight i bought a $15 paint sprayer.  I'm not sure if i will ever use it.  You have to thin the paint down with mineral spirits before spraying.  But i though it might be useful if i ever give it a try.

On the left is the thin black polyurethane hose that came with the compressor.  After talking to some people they recommended getting a heavier duty rubber hose. 
air hose, rubber, polyurithane, compare, what's better
 The polyurethane hose might be ok for the nail guns, but in the garage using air tools i've been using the rubber hose.  It's less likely to be damaged when i drag it along the concrete.

Here's where i'm storing the tools, on hooks attached to my 4-tiered 2x4 garage shelf.  I've been trying to save space in the garage so it doesn't get too cluttered.  And hanging these vertically on one of the posts works out perfectly.
store tools in garage, hooks, shelf, air tools

 Here's just a simple PVC holder for some screwdrivers.  They are actually the set of screwdrivers that you get free from Harbor Freight with a coupon.  They aren't all that good, but perfect for leaving out in the garage. 
great screwdriver holder, pvc pipe, make, garage rack
 I was planning on hanging them horizontally but you can see that because of the overhanging OSB board the screwdriver handles wouldn't fit.  So i ended up hanging them on an angle, which i think turned out looking even better.

And here's the last thing i ended up buying, a set of deep well impact sockets.  These too were from Harbor Freight and cost something like $18.  
impact socket set, harbor freight, cheap, deep well

As usual noting fancy, just things you need to have with the impact wrench for taking off tough bolts.