Riding Mower - Fix Flat Tire

How to Refill Riding Lawn Mower Tire That Fell Off Rim


A common problem with riding law mowers is flat tires.  The PSI in lawn mower tires is actually pretty low, just around 15 PSI on average.
fix flat tire on riding mower, how to, murray

Also when you get a flat, it's common for the tire to come off the rim.  So when you try to fill it up with air, it just leaks out the side and the tire doesn't fill up.
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The fix is to try and apply even outward pressure and seal the bead between the tire and the rim.  That can be done with a ratchet strap or a rope and pipe.
inflate riding mower tire off rim, new tire won't inflate

First, jack up the mower.  Second wrap the rope around the tire, then the pipe.  Then continue wrapping around a second time.  
how to get tire to not leak air from rim

You will then twist the pipe, which will tighten the rope.  This will push the middle of the tire in and the edge of the tire out.
how to fill up riding lawn mower tire with air

Do this all at the same time and then try adding air to the tire.  Hopefully you get a good seal with the tire bead and it will inflate.
riding lawn mower tire won't fill up with air, seal with rim

It takes a lot of force.  Also this is common when you get a brand new tire.  In my case it was with an old worn out tire that got a flat.
use rope and pipe and rachet strap to fill tire up with air


Wine from Wild Grapes

Homemade Wine From Wild Grapes

This was my first time making wine.  Here was the process i took.
homemade wine using wild grapes

Early in the year, these were the grapes that grew in my yard.
wild grapes, riverbank grapes, wine

They were classified as wild riverbank grapes.  Here they are after ripening.  Not that big.
wild red wine grapes, vine, united states, michigan

Animals and birds started eating the grapes and i figured that it's time to start picking them.
animals that eat grapes

This was their size.  Not huge.  It took a lot of picking to get 1.5 gallons.
how to make wine, wild grapes

Here was the amount of grapes i got.  About 3 gallons of grapes.
picking grapes, make wine, at home, diy, homemade, red wine, white wine

This was the stems and unripe grapes that i separated.
easy destem grapes, wine, wine making

I got 2 totes and some other stuff together for the tools.
tools, equipment, make wine, wine making

1 bucket for grapes, 1 bucket for the destemmed grapes, 1 bucket for the stems.
pick grapes to make wine, how much, grapes to wine

After all the stems were removed i added 0.5 liters of water and started crushing the grapes.
crush grapes to make wine

I bought this Yeast on amazon, heated up some water in the microwave, added the whole packet and let it sit for about 15 minutes.
how much yeast to add to grapes to make wine

Then i added the yeast, added about 3 pounds of sugar, and let it sit for 7 days.  This was primary fermentation.  I didn't have a hydrometer to measure any sugar/alcohol levels.
wine primary fermentation, how long, time

After 7 days i was ready to transfer to jugs.  Cleaned with soap and water first.
cheap container, ferment, beer, wine, carboy, jug

Scoop the grapes and liquid, strain through colander, and pour into the gallon jugs through a funnel.
how to make wine

It was a messy job, definitely something to do in the garage.
what needed to make wine, grapes, juice

I only ended up with a gallon and a half.  But i put the 1 way stoppers on top and will let these ferment for about a year.  Racking every 3 months to separate the wine from the sediment at the bottom.
secondary fermentation, how long, time, valve, stopper

Propagation of Tree Branches - Grow Tree from Cuttings

Grow Trees from Branch Cuttings - Propagation for Free Screen Wall

We wanted a cheap or FREE screen wall by our back fence.  Turns out that willow trees via Propagation are the best answer.
propagation of willow trees

Here are some willow branches that have been soaking in water for 1 week.  Buds already starting to form.
how to grow tree from branch cutting

Here they are after about a month.  Roots and new branches.
grow a tree from a branch

Here are some other willow branches.  You can see the amount of roots that will grow in just a bucket of water.
can you grow a tree from cutting a branch

I also tried other trees.  These are white pines.  They didn't grow.
best trees for propagation

Here are cottonwood branches.  These tried to grow roots but not as well.
what type of trees will grow from branch cutting propagation

This was another tree branch that i tried propagation.  Nothing.

After planted, they grew very well.  The willow here was planted only 1 week to this point.
fast growing willow tree from cutting

I also transplanted bamboo to the fence.  This loves as much water as you can give it.
bamboo in michigan

Here's another willow that's been transplanted.
fast growing screen wall

Close-up of the willow buds after a week in water.  The willow tree has natural enzymes that facilitate propagation on it's own.
grow roots from willow tree