Propagation of Tree Branches - Grow Tree from Cuttings

Grow Trees from Branch Cuttings - Propagation for Free Screen Wall

We wanted a cheap or FREE screen wall by our back fence.  Turns out that willow trees via Propagation are the best answer.
propagation of willow trees

Here are some willow branches that have been soaking in water for 1 week.  Buds already starting to form.
how to grow tree from branch cutting

Here they are after about a month.  Roots and new branches.
grow a tree from a branch

Here are some other willow branches.  You can see the amount of roots that will grow in just a bucket of water.
can you grow a tree from cutting a branch

I also tried other trees.  These are white pines.  They didn't grow.
best trees for propagation

Here are cottonwood branches.  These tried to grow roots but not as well.
what type of trees will grow from branch cutting propagation

This was another tree branch that i tried propagation.  Nothing.

After planted, they grew very well.  The willow here was planted only 1 week to this point.
fast growing willow tree from cutting

I also transplanted bamboo to the fence.  This loves as much water as you can give it.
bamboo in michigan

Here's another willow that's been transplanted.
fast growing screen wall

Close-up of the willow buds after a week in water.  The willow tree has natural enzymes that facilitate propagation on it's own.
grow roots from willow tree

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