Miter Saw LED Light


I always wanted a laser line marking guide on my miter saw.  I was about to buy an add-on laser line, but didn't like the fact that it had to be spinning to turn on.
miter saw led light

This is what the laser line add-on looked like.  Not bad For $20.
miter saw laser line

This Milwaukee saw is one of the first ones that has an LED light on the tip of the blade.  It shins down and the shadow is visible on the board.
light line miter saw

It's pretty simple, a switch, 9v battery, resistor and LED light bulb.  That and all the wires.
free led light for miter saw

I used a hot glue gun to secure everything.  That way nothing was permanent and i could peel it all off and wouldn't leave a mark.
hot glue gun

This is the most critical part, where the LED light mounts on the end of the blade guard.
add led light to miter saw

Here's the LED bulb on the end of the metal mount.
marking light line to miter saw

And here's the original switch i wanted to use.  It's mounted on the handle so that the button can be pressed, the shadow line shows up, and then you make the cut.
switch for miter saw

Here's some of the parts.  Especially the 220 ohm resistor.  That's needed because the LED bulb only can handle 5v not the full 9v battery.
parts to add light to miter saw

Here's how the switch was mounted.
push button switch for miter saw

It turns out that the red button switch was always ON.  Pushing the button turned it OFF.  So i had to find a new switch.  This one's from an old arcade button.
switch for led light, marking line

So this one had to be replaced.
button for miter saw

This is what the shadow looks like.  Great for knowing exactly where the edge of your blade is.
light line for miter saw

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