Epoxy Garage Floor - Rustoleum EpoxyShield Kit


Adding an epoxy floor coating is a great way to freshen up a garage floor.
epoxy floor, garage epoxy floor

There are lots of kits you can buy, everywhere from paint to a 2-part epoxy floor coating.
what epoxy floor to pick, garage

This is the kit i bought, the Rustoleum Epoxyshield 1-part coating.
rustoleum epoxy shield, car garage

This is the Rocksolid kit that is slightly better.  It has the option of a metallic finish.
rustoleum rock solid, garage floor

Here is what the Epoxysheild coating looks.  We went with gray coating.
epoxy floor, garage epoxy floor

For the nicer kit you may need to apply this second clear coat, to get a mirror finish.
epoxy shield clear coat, rustoleum, shine

You can see that the epoxy floor gives a nicer finish then just concrete.
garage epoxy floor

Here's another clear coat you can install.  You can see that the mirror finish will cost another $100.
clear coat epoxy floor

Use a regular roller and brush to install the coating.  It's actually thinner than normal paint.
how to epoxy floor

I thought it would be thick paint, but it was more like water consistency.  Until 4 hours until it hardened.
how to install epoxy floor

The final product is very strong and doesn't chip like paint.
paint on epoxy floor

And compared to what it looked like before, i'm super glad i did it.
refresh redo garage floor with epoxy paint

You can get the Rust-oleum Rocksolid kit for about the same price.  But this is just the 1 car garage.
rustoleum rocksolid epoxy floor

You can see that this is the 2.5 car garage kit and it's actually cheaper.
cheap paint garage floor epoxyfloor

This is what comes in the kit.  For the 2.5 car garage kit you get 4 cans instead of 2.  Also more chips.
how to do epoxy floor

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