Oven Doesn't Heat - Replace Ignitor


We had the problem one day where we preheated the oven, came back and the oven wasn't hot at all.  
gas oven igniter, ignitor

The next day it did eventually heat, the flame caught, but it took a long time to light the gas.
gas oven won't start

The problem with the gas oven was with the igniter.  It controls the gas flow and lighting of the flame.
oven won't heat

This is the old igniter.  You have to remove it from the frame and get to the 2 wires.
my oven won't get hot, won't heat

This is the new igniter.  Not too expensive and not that difficult to change out.
fix oven that won't heat, won't get hot, problem

I bought it on Amazon for $27.
igniter for oven

Comparing the old and the new igniter.  You can see that they match, but almost any generic igniter will work.
replace igniter

The hard part was to remove the sheet metal side walls, expose the wires and make the new connection.  Then just bolt the new part on.
gas oven won't heat

Overall it was pretty easy though.  And the new igniter worked great.  The flames lit in under 1 minute, vs 5 minutes or not at all.
replace igniter for gas oven

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