Fix Gap in Sagging Garage Door


We had a garage door that was solid wood and was starting to sag.  You can see on the left that there was about a 3" gap at the top when the door was shut.
fix gap in sagging garage door

I thought the best solution was to just add a "weather stripping" to the top.
weather strip for garage door

The material i used was felt carpet pad.  This was free and had some structure to it.  Also it could hold up to any rain that it might come in contact with.
felt weather strip for garage door gap

You can see here that the door was sagging a lot, because it was heavy wood.
how to fix garage door

The typical fix for a sagging door was to add a metal strut.  Kind of like an I-beam to provide support.  This door already had struts on it, but they were bent too.
new strut for bent garage door

As you can see, there was no "fixing" the door.  So adding a few strips of felt were the best solution to keep the garage air-tight.
bent garage door, bowed

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