Riding Mower - White Smoke from Engine


The most common problem with lawn mowers and riding mowers have to do with the carburetor.  They cause the engine to stall or sometimes blow white smoke.  I had that problem with my used riding mower i bought.  I engaged the blades and a ton of white smoke billowed out of the exhaust.
smoke from riding mower, white smoke

The problem was that too much gas was getting in the engine, through the carburetor.  Either the float getting stuck or the needle not closing.  Gas got into the engine and mixed with the oil - not good.

The fix is to open the carb, spray cleaner, make sure it's working properly.  Then install a fuel filter and shut off.  It could have been from old gas, but with the filter it shouldn't happen again.  Because the float and needle were in good condition i was able to just reassemble everything.

The mower was a Murray riding mower, but this fix is the same for many older mowers.
fix a riding mower, murray, toro,

Prior to fixing the brakes i had to deal with a carburetor that was spewing gas out of the air filter.  Also tons of white smoke.
briggs and stratton carburetor

Also the solenoid was bad and had to be replaced.
riding mower solenoid

The wiring was a little confusing at first.  There are lots of safety switches that have to be pressed for it to start.
blown fuse riding mower

Also routine maintenance like adding a fuel filter.
fuel filter riding mower

Also adding a fuel shut-off is a good idea so the carb doesn't get flooded.
fuel line valve

Pic of the murray mower
fix riding mower

Another view of the mower.
fix riding mower disc break, change, murray, john deere

Here's the carb float and needle. This was actually pretty clean.
briggs and stratton carburetor, fix, leaking gas

This is the 16Hp motor.
riding mower won't start

And this is the new solenoid i installed.
solenoid for briggs and stratton, mower, engine

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