Closet shelves - part 2

About 5 months ago i built shelves in my bedroom closet. I really liked how it turned out so i decided to do the same thing in one of the other bedrooms to store all my other stuff. As you can see it was getting pretty bad.
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how to build your own closet shelves out of wood, pine, cedar
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So you want to own a house?

All winter when my furnace kicks on the water from the humidifier overflows. It drains to the sump and the pump has to turn on constantly. So yet again, on another boring weekday at home i decided to rig up this ghetto hose drain. It runs along the wall and drains to the sink. I'm almost sure it's not the correct way to solve the problem, but it seems to be working great. Oh and the white duct tape was only going to be temporary but will probably be there for years to come.
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Garden - 2010

I'm almost ready for spring. I bought seeds the other day and combined with the seeds i've saved from things like soy beans from Jackson, Burger King Whopper tomatoes, and Meijer cantaloupes, i should be all set.
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Here's the color coded planting layout. This year i'm planting lots and lots of sweet corn.

plan of garden seed planting, layout, diagram, color

Mmmmmm Orange Drink

Buy it now at Kroger:
Value time - Artificially Flavored - Orange Beverage - 0% juice
i know i did
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Super Bowl car crash

While merging onto I-94, on my way home from a super bowl party, a car ahead of me spun out of control, up the embankment and flipped on its roof. I was the first guy to hop out and get to the car. When i looked in the window i saw just one guy sitting right side up, which was actually the roof of the car, with a bit of blood on his head and hands. He kept saying he was fine but sounded and looked a bit drunk. The ambulance and police cars showed up really fast, within about 2 minutes. It was lucky he wasn't wearing his seat belt and got thrown to the passengers side of the car because the drivers side roof was crushed almost down to the steering wheel.car crash on the highway, flipped on roof, super bowl


Bamboo 2

The bamboo i transported from Kentucky and West Virginia last year is still going strong, even in the winter. I was worried that the reason it doesn't grow here in Michigan is that it's too cold. But so far they have been doing just fine. The roots are really starting to spread and by next summer i still expect my back yard to look like a Vietnamese jungle.
bamboo growing in snow, cold climate, hearty bamboo, winter
bamboo growing in snow, michigan, snow, hearty bamboo, winter


Wild Cat

Charlie acts normal most of the time, just lying around in the sun, drinking out of the toilet.kitten, barn cat, charlie, wild cat
cat, sleeps all day, lies in the sun
cat on toilet, toilet seat
cat drinking out of toilet, wet seat
Then at night he gets all fired up and goes on the attack.


While my sister and i were at my grandma's the other day, she showed us this picture.old niagra falls photo, grandfather, 100 year old photo, black and white The guy on the left was my great-great-great grandfather, Daniel Lewis. . . there might be another "great" somewhere in there. But the picture is of him and his buddy, the town pharmacist, on their trip to Niagara Falls. I just like the fact that i'm related to someone as cool looking as that guy.

Neighborhood Stores

I got this flier in the door today. My neighborhood's probably 60% Chaldean, so i'm guessing that the Ryan Market is gonna be a popular place.
ryan market, sterling heights, michigan, chaldean market
ryan market, chaldean market, weird food(click on image to enlarge)

Things i'm definitely going to buy:
- Quails

- Catfish

Things i'm definitely NOT going to buy:

- Ryan Yogurt
(uhhhhh wait ... what?)

ryan yogurt, market, weird

Bored again

While trying to encourage Charlie to start scratching something other then the furniture i decided to make this scratching post. I probably should have just nailed a big log to a 2x10 and called it good. But i tried making something that looked cooler. Too bad he doesn't use it. Still prefers the underside of chairs and couches. And for the record his total number of knocked over plants is 5 and he's still drinking out of toilets.
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Out of town again...

Well i was suppose to be going back out of town for work again. This time i'll be headed to Pennsylvania just south of Pittsburgh for another 2 or 3 weeks. Although it has already been delayed a week because of a snow emergency down there. Apparently no one is allowed to work on the roads.