The Droste Effect

According to Wikipedia:
The effect is named after the image on the tins and boxes of Droste cocoa powder, one of the main Dutch brands, which displayed a nurse carrying a serving tray with a cup of hot chocolate and a box with the same image.
droste effect, cacao, dutch powder, image within image
I always thought it was pretty cool so here's what i came up with, i think it turned out alright. how to create the droste effect, holding a picture frame, photoshop droste effect, photoshop, how to make, diy, photo
Here's another really cool version that someone did, notice the title.
droste, cool, woman reading todays paper on subway, photoshop effect


Who Needs Heat?

A few weeks ago my furnace stopped working. The fan would come on, the flames would light the burner but the large blower would not turn on to blow the air throughout the house. However it would work if i switched the thermostat from "auto" to "on" but this meant that the blower would run constantly.

There are a lot of pieces in there. The blower is the big metal thing at the bottom.
furnace wiring, circuit board, thermostatSo after a week of reading online i figured it had to be one of these things:
  • blower control board
  • heat sequencer
  • temperature limit switch
  • fan limit control switch
  • temperature sensor
  • relay switch
Then i realized that my furnace was a newer model and half of those things were all incorporated into a circuit board (the blower control board). At the furnace i could hear something click when the blower was suppose to come on but nothing happened. I checked many things with the volt meter but everything seemed ok until while switching the power on one time i notices something spark. It was coming from the relay that turns on the blower, on the circuit board. So i took a bunch of pictures of the wires so i would know where they plugged back into and remove the board. Sure enough there was a burned spot on the back cover where the board was shorting out. furnace, heater, shorting out, wiring,
The shorted out board behind the blower relay switch.
furnace circuit board, shorting out, relay switch, solder
I soldered the wire back to the connector, hooked everything back together and amazingly enough it worked, the blower came on when it was suppose to.
resolder circuit board, furnace, wiring

Time for a New Coach????

I went to my first football game in Ann Arbor to see UofM vs Wisconsin. Of course UofM lost.

(click to see full size)
panorama, the big house, stadium, university of michigan, U of M
The stadium was huge and i was amazed at then amount of people in the streets and at the game.

final game of the year, michigan stadium
The best part was that all of the fans were cheering whenever they showed the score of the MSU vs Purdue game because MSU was down by 14. The reason is was so good was that MSU came back in the 4th quarter to win.

Here's what 20,000 depressed wolverine fans look like.
thousands of wolverine fans, crowd, stadium, UofM, maze and blue


New Faucet

I've never really liked the faucet that was on my bathroom sink. So i finally bought a new one. It was less than $30. Here's what it originally looked like.how to replace a bathroom sink faucet, diy, how to
After removing the faucet and the putty.
remove bathroom faucet, sink, plumbing
New plumbers putty. Not sure if this is the right way to do it but it seemed to work and the directions didn't even say to add it.
how to caulk a bathroom faucet, grout, putty, sink
The new faucet. Once again, something i see now that i should have done a long time ago.
new install, bathroom faucet, looks great, how to


MSU - November

I went to the MSU vs Minnesota last week with John. First i parked in front of my old house on Gunson and Linden. It looks the same. college house, MSU, michigan state university, michigan, gunson, linden
Stopped by Sparty.
sparty, statue, msu, michigan state, football
Then watched the game. (click to view full size)