Other things that annoy me

#1. Phony Australian accents
These are usually in commercials for places like Outback Steakhouse. It is so totally not someone from Australia. Just some nerd that thinks he can do a spot on impression. Even the late Steve Irwin would be embarrassed by it's over-the-topness. Right on Mate.

#2. The guy from the Lady Jane's haircut place
You probably know him from his catch phrase, "It's wicked awesome!" Well i've never been there but i'm guessing that it probably isn't. Just some place where you walk in and hear "So...how do you want it cut today?" I have a fear of getting haircuts and i never plan on going there. Reference some of my childhood pictures i posted last year. Luckily back then i was too stylin' to need a hair cut:
first day of school, name tag, backpack, haircut
star wars birthday cake, han solo, luke skywalker, 1985, hair cut

I usually drive 3 hours to my sisters to hang out for the weekend and thankfully she cuts it in the kitchen. Otherwise i'd be in serious trouble.

#3. Olde Tyme Store Names
Why do people feel the need for their store name to be different. Do they believe that people think it's cool? I hate store names like Bill's Olde Tyme Shoppe. This isn't London 1892.

#4. Personalized license plates you can't understand
First let me give you an example. Several years ago i thought it would be cool to get the website name www.davewirth.com Unfortunately another dork from Minnesota already has it. Guess what his name is. And the worst thing is, as you can see by going there, that he doesn't even care about it. Just some trees, an apology to other dave wirth's around the world and 2 sentences about how great his life is.

Anyway the point i was trying to make, but really didn't, is that all the good names are taken. The same is true with personalized license plates. You can't get DAVE on a Michigan license plate. It's taken. So what do people do? They get something close with a series of similar letters that only they can understand. For example a 1 instead of I. Or 3 instead of E. Then the fact that you can only have 7 letters or numbers and these people, who feel the need to express themselves thorough required state issued metal plates, are over matched.

Sure there are still the cool plates on cars like 57CHEV or LARRY. But i guarantee that the guys who own those are over 70 years old. And the reason they have it is because the very first day they offered personalized license plates, they showed up at the DMV at 7am and bought them.

So in July of 2010, when Larry Schmedrickson shows up to the secretary of state asking "hey do you have the license plate LARRY available?" The person behind the counter says "of course not, that's been gone since 1972. " "oh ok, how about LARY? LARRY S? L S?" "no, no, no" they'll say. And so because he can't stand getting a regular plate that says JZQ 584 he's gonna get something like 2COOL4U. Well obviously not that because that's understandable and is already taken. His will be much much dumber and he'll have to explain to everyone what it means.

#5 Unfunny Kids
Now let me explain. I'm talking kids that say stuff like "hostible" instead of hospital. Then their parents go "oohhhh isn't she so cute"

Butt Dialing

I am writing this as a warning to anyone who would like to name their new baby Adam or Amanda. Don't do it. 10 years ago this would not have been a problem but since then people have started carrying their phones around in their pockets. And in the process of doing that, occasionally the correct combination of buttons get pressed where in a phone call is made to, usually the first person in their phone book, people like Andrew or Ashley or maybe even Aunt Becky.

I have personally butt dialed my friend Adam twice in the past year. I didn't know i did it. All of a sudden i heard someone saying "Hello?" from the phone in my pocket. After asking Adam about this, he confirmed my suspicions that he receives many butt calls from people who have him as the first person in their phone list. It's annoying.

So to all you people who feel that the name Aaron sounds nice for a kid. I would like to advise against it. By selecting another name you will have saved him/her from a life of phone call headaches.

Thank you,

David R. Wirth


Oakland Hills Golf Course

For work one day i got to go onto the north course of Oakland Hills. Although not the south course where they've played the PGA tournaments.
oakland hills golf course, brighton michigan, club house, rolex clock
oakland hills golf course, brighton michigan, north course
oakland hills golf course, brighton michigan, fairway

Bon Jovi

I don't see a lot of concerts but last week on St. Patrick's day i saw Bon Jovi at the Palace. It was great.
Bon Jovi Concert, live, tickets, areana
when is the next bon jovi concert, pictures, tickets
jon bon jovi, in concert, live on stage
bon jovi leaving the stage, concert
bon jovi on stage, live, palace of auburn hills
bon jovi band, live in michigan
bon jovi and kid rock, on stage, dead or alive
Kid Rock also came up and played with them during Wanted Dead or Alive. He kinda screwed up a little but it was still awesome.


I worked in Toledo for 2 days, right after St. Patrick's day and have to say it was pretty cool. We were right next to the Toledo Mud Hens Stadium.
toledo mud hens baseball, stadium, downtown, AAA
They also had some interesting shops.
the rip cord, bar, gay, toledo, ohio
marilyns on monroe bar, st patricks midget stripper, toledo ohio
metal ladder escape stairs, emergeycy rail
old building, toledo ohio, brick, metal escape stairs


top 5 movies you've probably never seen...but should

1. Layer Cake - it's The Bourne Identity, The Godfather and Goodfellas all rolled into one. really well thought out, gruesome and funny all the way till the end. layer cake, movie poster, daniel craig, senna miller, l4yer cak3, l4yer, awesome
2. Neverending Story - the best kids movie of the 80's. way better then any CGI stuff they would come out with today. when Artax, the horse, was drowning in the swamps of sadness they got a real horse and had him slowly lowered into some muddy water. no way would they do that today. kids watching might get traumatized.
the neverending story, movie, fantasia, childlike empress, falcore, atrau, bastian

3. Spaceballs - there were other funny movies that are more well known but this one's probably better. like caddyshack but in replace golf with spaceships
spaceballs movie poster, mel brooks, collectors edition, rick moranis
4. Donnie Darko - it starts off boring, then it's another predictable teen movie, then it's strange, then it messes with your head then it gets weird and when its over you have a hard time forgetting it. the story stays with you all day and you can't stop thinking about it. really shows how one persons life is connected with many others. not to spoil it but by the end, Frank, the 6 foot tall bunny rabbit, really freaked me out.donnie darko, movie poster, amazing movie, rabbit, frank, scary
5. Man On Wire - it's a biography about man with one goal in life, to cross the World Trade Center Towers on a tightrope. sound dumb? it isn't. a large portion is in french but it's totally engrossing and by the end you are so enveloped that you can't believe the outcome. true story of
Philippe Petit. oh ya and he got arrested...well after he dared the police men to come out and get him.
man on wire, movie, documentary, amazing story, twin towers, new york
6. Step Into Liquid - a documentary about surfing. but it doesn't matter if you like surfing or not, watching this movie you will get a new perspective on life and what really matters to some people.
directed by dana brown who also did Dust to Glory which is similar, but about the Baja 1000.
step into liquid, best surfing movie ever, dana brown

Top 5 Most Annoying Women on TV

This is a list of what i think are the top 5 most annoying women on TV

Flo from the Progressive commercials - she's always way too happy
most annoying women, woman, flo, progressive commercial

. Jane Velez-Mitchell - always screaming her opinions to the viewer http://cache.gawker.com/assets/images/gawker/2009/03/VelezMitchell1.jpg, most annoying women, woman, jane velez mitchell, loud

Joy Behar - basically Larry King with a more annoying voicemost annoying women, woman, joy behar, loud, screaming, the view

woman from that fake show Operation Repo. which is a bunch of actors that re-enact stories from supposedly real repossessions. so its acting out of fake stories. she always gets in peoples face and say she's gonna mace them if they don't give her their keys. real repo men don't need keys to take your car, i hate it.
and her twin is Ursula from the Little Mermaid
photo-int-sonia_pizarro, most annoying women, woman, operation repo ursula, little mermaid, operation repo

and #1.
Nancy Grace - she's always yelling, always mad, and putting down people she doesn't like. she purposely brings people onto her show, with different opinions so that she can scream at themmost annoying women, woman, nancy grace, yelling, screaming


Favorite Olympic Sport

For some reason i thought that there were way more Winter Olympic sports then just 15. I noticed this a month or so ago when the Winter Olympics were going on. And the Summer Olympics only has 31?? I thought they had at least 60.

So here are my favorite and least favorite Olympic Sports

Favorite =
Biathlon (cross-country skiing and target shooting) cause there's not a whole lot of sports cooler then skiing with a gun on your back
Least Favorite = I would say Snowboard Cross, but i'm still not convinced that it's a real sport. It's some X-Games reject. No, my least favorite is Short Track Speed Skating. Long Track Speed Skating is cool. Short track is pushing and cutting in front of people and the team relay event is just insane.winter olympics, short track speed skating, anton apollo ono
Favorite = Diving

Least Favorite = Uuummm ya there's about 20 that should not even be allowed. Sailing? Equestrian? Judo and
Taekwondo? Handball? At least Badminton is kind of a sport, i mean i've played it in my backyard during family parties. The others require a boat or a horse.

It reminds me of Will Ferrell from Old School

will ferrel old school, ribbon, dance, gymnastics
The 15 Winter Olympic EventsBobsled


Ice Hockey
Figure Skating (including Ice Dancing)

Speed Skating

Short Track Speed Skating


Alpine Skiing

Freestyle Skiing (Aerials, Moguls and Ski Cross)

Snowboarding (Parallel Giant Slalom, Halfpipe and Snowboard Cross)
Biathlon (cross-country skiing and target shooting)

Cross-Country Skiing

Ski Jumping

Nordic Combined (ski jumping and cross country skiing)

The 31 Summer Olympic Events











Field Hockey

Football (Soccer)


Modern Pentathlon





Synchronized Swimming
Table Tennis




Water Polo



Side note: take a look at what my blog spell-check suggests for Taekwondo

funny word check, suggested


Spring Training Baseball

I flew down to Phoenix to see my friends Adam, John and Laura and watch some spring training baseball. 3 games in 4 days. We saw: Mariners, Diamondbacks, Angels, White Sox, Dodgers and the Rockies

arizona, spring training baseball, peoria, stadium
Seats on game 3
arizona, spring training baseball, peoria, stadium, mariners, diamondbacks
Mariners best pitcher, Felix Hernandez

arizona, spring training baseball, felix hernandez, mariners
The best food of the whole trip. I'm totally making these now that i'm home. Lots-of-Tots
hooters Lots of Tots, Lots-of-tots, tater tots, cheese, sour cream
arizona sunset, water tower


More Window Garden

Tomatoes are slowly getting bigger
topsy turvy tomatoes, how to make upside down tomatoes, window
added potatoes although i had to put aluminum foil around them because one night charlie carried the potato in the back, the one in dirt, upstairs and was playing with it
how to grow a potato plant in a bowl of water, diy, kids, project

Flying Cat

Here's more of Charlie jumping and staying in shape with the help of some string and the ceiling fanflying cat, kitten, jumping, string
flying cat, kitten, jumping, string, leaping, catch
my cat jumping for a piece of string, energy, kitten

Sack of 50

Come on ... it was only $10
Mc Donalds 50 piece nuggets, mc nuggets, 10 piece boxes, 10 dollars