top 5 movies you've probably never seen...but should

1. Layer Cake - it's The Bourne Identity, The Godfather and Goodfellas all rolled into one. really well thought out, gruesome and funny all the way till the end. layer cake, movie poster, daniel craig, senna miller, l4yer cak3, l4yer, awesome
2. Neverending Story - the best kids movie of the 80's. way better then any CGI stuff they would come out with today. when Artax, the horse, was drowning in the swamps of sadness they got a real horse and had him slowly lowered into some muddy water. no way would they do that today. kids watching might get traumatized.
the neverending story, movie, fantasia, childlike empress, falcore, atrau, bastian

3. Spaceballs - there were other funny movies that are more well known but this one's probably better. like caddyshack but in replace golf with spaceships
spaceballs movie poster, mel brooks, collectors edition, rick moranis
4. Donnie Darko - it starts off boring, then it's another predictable teen movie, then it's strange, then it messes with your head then it gets weird and when its over you have a hard time forgetting it. the story stays with you all day and you can't stop thinking about it. really shows how one persons life is connected with many others. not to spoil it but by the end, Frank, the 6 foot tall bunny rabbit, really freaked me out.donnie darko, movie poster, amazing movie, rabbit, frank, scary
5. Man On Wire - it's a biography about man with one goal in life, to cross the World Trade Center Towers on a tightrope. sound dumb? it isn't. a large portion is in french but it's totally engrossing and by the end you are so enveloped that you can't believe the outcome. true story of
Philippe Petit. oh ya and he got arrested...well after he dared the police men to come out and get him.
man on wire, movie, documentary, amazing story, twin towers, new york
6. Step Into Liquid - a documentary about surfing. but it doesn't matter if you like surfing or not, watching this movie you will get a new perspective on life and what really matters to some people.
directed by dana brown who also did Dust to Glory which is similar, but about the Baja 1000.
step into liquid, best surfing movie ever, dana brown

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