Top 5 Most Annoying Women on TV

This is a list of what i think are the top 5 most annoying women on TV

Flo from the Progressive commercials - she's always way too happy
most annoying women, woman, flo, progressive commercial

. Jane Velez-Mitchell - always screaming her opinions to the viewer http://cache.gawker.com/assets/images/gawker/2009/03/VelezMitchell1.jpg, most annoying women, woman, jane velez mitchell, loud

Joy Behar - basically Larry King with a more annoying voicemost annoying women, woman, joy behar, loud, screaming, the view

woman from that fake show Operation Repo. which is a bunch of actors that re-enact stories from supposedly real repossessions. so its acting out of fake stories. she always gets in peoples face and say she's gonna mace them if they don't give her their keys. real repo men don't need keys to take your car, i hate it.
and her twin is Ursula from the Little Mermaid
photo-int-sonia_pizarro, most annoying women, woman, operation repo ursula, little mermaid, operation repo

and #1.
Nancy Grace - she's always yelling, always mad, and putting down people she doesn't like. she purposely brings people onto her show, with different opinions so that she can scream at themmost annoying women, woman, nancy grace, yelling, screaming

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