Hot Water Tank - Fix Dripping T&P Valve

I was all ready to replace a leaking temperature and pressure relief valve on my hot water tank.
fix leaking t&P valve on hot water tank

After doing the yearly check of the valve to see if it works (actually i've never checked it before) it wouldn't stop dripping.
dripping pipe on hot water tank, fix

It probably had something to do with all that corrosion on the inside of the valve.
how to fix a leaking hot water tank

Everyone said that you have to turn off the water, drain the tank, then replace the valve.
t&p valve leaking, dripping, hot water

But i didn't want to do that, so i keep flipping, pushing, pulling on the valve and tried to get it to seat properly with the gasket.
temperature and pressure relief valve on hot water tank is dripping water

Finally after a couple days the drips stopped.  So just keep flipping and slapping that valve until whatever is causing the drip gets dislodged.  
quick fix for leaking hot water tank valve, flick, flip