1st Time in New York

This time surveying out of time we were sent to New York. I've never been in the state of New York and so far it's been great. Yesterday we surveyed the Elmira Regional Airport. It was great being able to walk across the runways after getting permission from the flight controller over the CB and being only a few hundred feet from the planes landing. Also this time surveying was a little different then what i've done before. Instead of walking along the roads, now i get to walk through farmers fields, swamps and woods.

Other then the airport, i had the most fun walking through horse corrals. It was a little scary at first but after a while the would just follow me around. The lady that worked there said we could go for a ride some time. I'm hoping we get a day off soon.

Here's a little of what i've seen so far. I'll be sure to post some more pictures when i get back.
buzzing the tower, Top Gun style

petting hoarse in new york, blonde hair, curious horse
curious horses

horse with weird blue eye, close upa little too curious, with a weird eye

funny church, jesus sign, come to methe greatest jesus sign ever

standing in a swamp, cattailsa bored while standing in the middle of the swamp, with water almost up to my knees

Next week we'll be heading to Scranton Pennsylvania. I hope that i can get time to walk around and see some of the places in the opening credits of The Office.

If everything goes well, i'll be home by the 4th of July. Otherwise it looks like i'll be watching fireworks in Scranton.

see ya

Ok i just found this.... I was uploading the pictures onto the Comfort Inn hotels lobby computer and came across this picture that was saved in the My Pictures folder. I don't know what it is, or why it is on there but it's hilarious. Just some dude hanging out on his couch, with his cat, in front of his extensive VHS collection. I just know that this is the picture that comes up when you find this guy on some online dating service...
funny picture found on hotel computer, fat guy with cat


Bike Ride

Here's some pictures i took last week. I got bored sitting at home on a Saturday night so i decided to ride up to Lake Saint Clair. As i pulled up i found millions of Mayflies were hatching everywhere.
motorcycle ride, michigan, lake st claire, boats, docksmayfly, may fly, hatch, lake st claire, swarmsemergent mayfly, may fly, fish, fishing, at nightmotorcycle ride, may, boat docks, shoreline, michigan
Oh and i just read that they are thinking about filming a new version of The Neverending Story. I guess someone finally got one of the 5,000 letters i sent to:

Person who makes movies
Hollywood, CA

I can't wait!
Hopefully it will be more like the book and as great as the first movie.


Hi everyone,

Instead of sending out emails every i take a few pictures or go out of town, i figured creating a blog would be much easier. It's unlikely that i will be writing anything insightful here but you never know. Mostly this will just be me posting pictures and complaining about things that i find annoying.