Butt Dialing

I am writing this as a warning to anyone who would like to name their new baby Adam or Amanda. Don't do it. 10 years ago this would not have been a problem but since then people have started carrying their phones around in their pockets. And in the process of doing that, occasionally the correct combination of buttons get pressed where in a phone call is made to, usually the first person in their phone book, people like Andrew or Ashley or maybe even Aunt Becky.

I have personally butt dialed my friend Adam twice in the past year. I didn't know i did it. All of a sudden i heard someone saying "Hello?" from the phone in my pocket. After asking Adam about this, he confirmed my suspicions that he receives many butt calls from people who have him as the first person in their phone list. It's annoying.

So to all you people who feel that the name Aaron sounds nice for a kid. I would like to advise against it. By selecting another name you will have saved him/her from a life of phone call headaches.

Thank you,

David R. Wirth


Anonymous said...

Funny you put this up because last week you butt dialed me again and left me a 5 minute message of butt sounds.


John said...

David's butt loves Adam