More Light Photography

These pictures were taken several months ago but i forgot that we took them.  They were taken in our backyard with a flashlight and some sparklers. 

Here's Emma and Olivia being "outlined" with a flashlight.  I had the camera on a tripod and the lens open for 15 seconds. 
flashlight, sparkler, night exposure, kids fun

You can see that Olivia stood still, Emma moved her head a little, but it still turned pretty cool.

And always when i do these types of pictures i try writing my name with a flashlight.  I haven't gotten any better.
flashlight, sparklers, write name, how to, photo, photograph

I think this was something that Karrie saw on Pinterest for wedding type photos.  She and i stood still while her dad walked around us with a sparkler. 
pinterest, wedding photo, sparkler, night, glow

This was the best result of about 5 attempts.  It was difficult getting the timing and lighting right.

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