Extension Cord Holders

Extension Cord Holder

Simple hinged extension cord holder
extension cord holder

Thought i might as well make several for the extension cords i have
extension cord holder, hinged, compact, wood

Here's an example of a single board extension cord holder.
extension cord holder, plans

These are ok, but take time to unwind and make pinch points at the ends.
wood cord holder

Another 1-piece design.
extension cord wrap

This was a string holder i made for my kite string.  This did work well because the idea is to slowly let out the line.
kite string holder, wrap

The initial setup so i could see what size board would fit on the scrap plywood i had.
plans for extension cord wrap

After the board was cut out, i rounded the edges over.
handheld router, cord wrap

The first test of wrapping the cord.
wood extension cord holder, plans, make, build

The circle cut-outs are nice for hanging and securing the cord through.
how to wrap extension cord

All of the cords wound up.
organize cords

And quickly removed from the screw-hing ends.
how to organize your extension cords

Another view.
shop organization, garage ideas

Compact design.
organize wire, extension cord holders

One thing i would have changed was instead of using a drywall screw, used something else stronger and won't come loose.
hinged cord holder

And here they are hanging on the ceiling joists in the workshop.
store extension cords

Transcript from Video:
I just got done building these wooden
extension cord holders and I wanted to
explain why I think they're better than
the typical ones out there so most of
the time if you're going to build a wood
extension cord holder you just take a
piece of plywood cut a couple of use in
it and you just wrap the cord around it
you might have a handle on the side
there's two things wrong with that one
is you're making a pinch point with the
cord because you're wrapping it around
that tight radius and two when you want
to get two extension cord off the holder
you have to unwrap the whole thing wrap
it back off the holder and with these it
solves two of those problems one is the
tight radius I put a it's just a piece
of plywood a couple holes in it to hang
it up and hold the cords off the back
and 2x4 that I cut an arc and that will
make sure that there's not a tight
radius where it can wear the cord down
when it's being held on there and that's
the real trick I can swivel this MDF
down and pull the whole extension cord
off in one thing I don't have to unwrap
the whole thing so again it's on there
but I can get it off in one second by
just pulling it right off the piece of
wood in the front swivels out of the way
and I can get the whole cord off instead
of unwrapping the whole thing like you
traditionally would I'm just a piece of
plywood so it's nothing revolutionary
but it's just a lot easier than having
to go through wrapping it and you're not
making tight pitch points on the cord
when you're wrapping it around a piece
of plywood so again it was free it took
about an hour to make four of these and
the holes in here I could put the ends
of the extension cord through it and
then I have tools top and bottom I can
hang it up on my ceiling up and out of
the way so it's a nice little compact
convenient extension cord holder easy to
make easy to use you can swivel them out
of the way get the cords right off to
seconds and it seems to work really well
so I'll put some dimensions up if you
want to build yourself but really
whatever works for you whatever sides
anything you want to store up on the
wall they're flat on the back
again not like a traditional rap where
you have have to make a handle or
something these are nice and flat you
can store them on the wall up and out of
the way so hope you like them Thanks
you well I hope you liked the video you just
watched if you did feel free to
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