How Much Salt to Add to Water Softner

How Much Salt to Add to Water Softener?

If you have a water softener for your house, you might be wondering how full should the tank be.  Completely full to the top?

Just above/below the water level?
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Here's my water softener setup.
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This is typically what i see when it needs to be refilled.  The salt maybe 1/4 full in the tank with the water level above the salt.
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The answer for how much to fill up your salt tank ....... HALF.  For an average size family the tank should be about half full.  The water level should be just below the salt.
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Don't want to over fill it or it can become clogged.  But half full is a good amount.  I usually dump 1 or 2 bags in every 3 months.
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Transcript from Video:
so you have a water softener and you
want to know how much salt to add to the
the answer is half full that's it that's
the end of the video
all right more detail first bag of salt
isn't that much if you live in an area
where people have wells like I do
there's you buy these at the grocery
store they're 1
small family we have three people and I
had a bag of salt every two to three
months on the back it's the chart of
every two months it says add two bags
three bags we use a lot less than this
now the real answer you want to know is
the salt should always be higher than
the water level so if you see water
level love your salt you need to add
more salt a general rule of thumb is you
can keep your storage tank half full if
you have a big family
keep it 3/4 full a reason you don't just
dump the whole thing in and keep it
chock full of salt you can get salt
clogged which is a big ordeal and you
don't want to have that so you don't
just keep it full of salt all the time
but you do want more salt than water
that's the basic principle so it's been
a couple months
I check in we're about 1/4 a little less
than 1/4 full of salt and I'm gonna dump
it in and I can see the water level I
can see right now the water level is a
several inches above the salt which
means it's not getting a full brine and
able to treat the hardness it's not the
end of the world but again we want to
keep the salt above the water and this
salt has rust defense we have rust in
the area so at the store you can buy
just the regular salt or rust
offensively at this
now after you've dumped it in that water
level we'll adjust in the next few
moments there's ports coming into that
storage tank and it'll adjust and
hopefully I will be at the right content
so that's it every month or so put in a
bag if you have a big family you might
need two bags of salt but just keep it
anywhere between a quarter to three
quarters make sure the salts higher than
the water and you're good 

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