Star Pictures

Before i crashed the kite and broke the camera i took these pictures of stars from the roof of my garage. They were 50 seconds exposures (which was a bit too long, 30 or 40 would have been better) and this time i did not use the dark frame subtraction so there wasn't a 50 second wait time in between each picture. Although there was some dark patches in the pictures, probably due to the lens.

Again this was done by combining several pictures that were taken over about an hour. Half way through some clouds blew in and screwed it up a bit.
Here's the original, untouched picture taken over the first 30 minutes. star trails, canon CHDK, long exposure
Here's the other original picture over the entire hour.
star trails, canon CHDK, long exposure, star, sky, night
I Photoshopped them look better. star trails, exposure time, star, sky, night
I just randomly pointed the camera toward the sky, you can see that i almost got the North Star in the upper right hand corner.
This one i used a purple lens filter effect how to increase exposure using CHDK
For better results i need to use a better camera, on a night with no clouds and in an area out in the country where the stars are really bright.
star trails, night sky, long exposure

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