When i was in Venice i saw a music store that sold ocarinas. It reminded me of my favorite video game The Legend of Zelda. The Legend of Zelda - The Ocarina of Time
I really liked them, they were made of wood, but they were also €30. So i took a few pictures and decided that i'd try and make one when i got home.
professional wood ocarina, venice, italy
When i got home i read that they were either made of wood or clay. Clay was easier and faster so i decided to start with that.

I made the basic shape then cut it in half.
DIY, How to make clay ocarina
I hollowed out the inside then used two different drill bits to make the holes. Although this one looks terrible it sounds really cool.
hardened clay ocarina
For my second try i decided to roll a flat piece of clay then wrap it around a carrot i dug up from the garden. The shape looked a lot better.
how to make a clay ocarina using a carrot
Then i cut it in half and took out the carrot that i had wrapped in seran wrap.
hollow ocarina, carrot, whistle, zelda
Then i made the mouthpiece and let it dry for a day.
ocarina mouth piece
I screwed it up a bit by letting it dry too much. I had to make a new mouthpiece but still had problems in joining it to the already hardened body. But it seems to be alright now. This one has a lower tone to it.
zelda clay ocarina, how to make
zelda whistle, ocarina, flute, legend of zelda

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