HDR + Photoshop

I've tried taking some more HDR photos.
HDR photo, field, clouds, sunset
This one i did earlier but i also converted to a vector image.HDR photo, sand, lake shore, beach
I'm starting to get a little better processing HDR photos but i still have a while before they look they way i want them too.
But i am getting better with Photoshop. Just in changing the contrast, color, saturation, levels....

Here's some old photos that i've recently improved.
This photo originally came out very dull looking. I increased the color and contrast to make it appear the way the Grand Canyon really looked that day. Grand Canyon, photoshop
Here's a picture i took in Arizona. I did a bunch of stuff to this as well and ended up changing it to black and white.
Arizona, cactus, contrast, moon, photoshop
arizona landscape, cactus,
My favorite sculpture, The Bean in Chicago.
The Bean in Chicago, Cloud Gate
The Bean in Chicago, Cloud Gate, rain
This one i didn't do a whole lot to. This is actually how Sedona looks. Sedona Arizona, red rocks
I've found that after a while i do the same 4 or 5 things to most of the photos in Photoshop.
Here's sunrise at Lake Erie Sunset over Lake Erie, Michigan Sunset over Lake Erie, Michigan
Pictures like these of sunrises or sunsets are difficult because of the huge change in light. Some areas are dark and some are very bright. I tried to use Photoshop to get a good balance.
Great Lake Sunset

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