Garden - 2011

This year was the same story as the last two years. There's not enough sun in my back yard due to all the trees. I really only get about 4 hours of direct sunlight. Besides that, some of the plants did ok. I really only care about the corn, but with the lack of sunlight they are never really going to grow well in my yard.

Here's what i grew:

  • peppers - red, green, orange, jalapeno
  • corn
  • sunflowers
  • tomatoes - cherry, giant
  • gourds
  • carrots
  • onions
  • pumpkins
After the first month. backyard garden michigan, corn, carrots, peppers, sunflowers
how to grow a backyard garden, michigan, vegetables
The sunflowers did the best this year. They grew so high and big that some broke in half on windy days.
sunflowers growing in low light, garden
tips for growing sunflowers, collect seeds,
low light gardens, sunflowers, backyard garden
my michigan garden, plants, vegetables
The peppers grew pretty well.
garden green peppers, soil, clay, low light
They must not need as much sunlight as other plants. The jalapeno's did the best of all the peppers.
jalapeno peppers, how to grow
The carrots came out ok. Some of them split open and others had weird mutant shapes.
spring carrots, garden, backyard, how to
Notice the weird looking carrot.
vegetables from my backyard garden, month
vegetables from my backyard garden, month

vegetables from my backyard garden, onion, pepper, cherry tomato
The gourds on the fence did great too.
gourd growing on fence, vine
gourd growing on fence, vine, october

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