Canon S95

It was time to replace my trusty Canon SD770IS. I wanted another Canon camera for a couple of reasons: they have great battery life, well made, but most importantly i could continue to use the CHDK program.

I still wasn't sure whether i should get a new camera that cost around $200 or buy a cheap used one for around $80.
I thought about getting a used Canon PowerShot A580. New they cost around $180, but i could not find a used one. Canon PowerShot A580, CHDK, cost, review, price
As far as new camera's i looked at getting the Powershot ELPH 300 HS, it was recently on sale for $160. That bad part is that they haven't written the CHDK program for that specific model. Maybe they will in the future but i decided not to get it right now.
Canon PowerShot ELPH 300HS, CHDK, size, review, price, cost
I had seen and read about the Canon S95 for a while now. Every magazine review says it's the best point and shoot camera there is. The downside is that it cost $400.
But after Thanksgiving it went on sale for $290.

It was the closest thing to what i wanted, a DSLR that's not $1000 and fits in my pocket. So i bought it.
Canon S95, CHDK, DSLR, RAW image, sensor size
Here's what the CHDK program menu looks like on the camera.Canon S95 camera review, menu using CHDK
I also bought a leather case that attaches to the camera. It's a little awkward to take pictures while the case is attached.
Canon S95 camera leather case, protect
But i do like it when it is completely covered.
Canon S95 camera full leather case, cost, price
I still might get a cheap used Canon for the more "risky" type of pictures, like tying it to a kite.

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