String Backpack

A few years ago i bought this tent-like-material when i was making a new seat for my motorcycle. The other day i wanted to make a strong, waterproof, lightweight backpack that can be folded up and put in your pocket and figured that the material i had would be perfect. There's lots of instructions online on how to make the string backpacks. It seemed pretty simple.

I tried to sew it by hand but it wasn't near strong enough. So i went to the Salvation Army and bought a sewing machine for $30. I plugged it in at the store, pushed the pedal and it seemed to work, the needle went up and down... When i got home i tried using it but it didn't work. The thread kept getting jammed. Charlie also looked confused by it.How to fix a broken sewing machine, simplicity, jammed
It took me a while to figure out how it worked. I read about the machine and saw that online they sell new for $150.

I figured out that the mechanism that spins the spool below the needle was slipping. The round thing at the bottom is what holds the thread.
sewing machine, thread jam, needle slipping, bobbin
The needle moved but the thread wasn't catching. So i had to open up the back panels and tighten the two small hex nuts that attach to the spool axle.
It was a lot more complicated inside than i thought.repair sewing machine, disassemble, outer casing
This is where i aligned everything and then tightened the gear to the drive shaft. Both of those black hex bolts were loose.
sewing machine, tighten gear, oil, grease, adjust, hex nut and bolt
Once it started working the thing was great. It has settings A - P. For the bags decided on L, a kind of square shaped pattern.

sewing machine thread pattern A-P, simplicity
I always said that a sewing machine worked just like a scroll saw.
Delta scroll saw, sewing machine, thread, wood

Here's all the parts for the backpack. String backpack material, string, gromets
This is the corner with the grommet and the reinforcing.
string backpack, gromet, corner
Finished backpack.
how to make a string backpack,
how to make a string backpack,


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you bought a sewing machine - then fixed it (mine always jams up). I know who to call next time it breaks. MOM

Unknown said...

Why would my Simplicity machine model SL1200 be making a noise and Ive checked everything. Ive checked the manual for troubleshooting but it's very vague.

Unknown said...

Why would my Simplicity sewing machine model #SL1200 be making a noise. I have checked troubleshooting according to the manual but it is very vague.

Notitlerequired said...

Probably depends on where the noise is coming from, whether it's inside the machine or down near the needle.
If it's by the needle it might be hitting the circular catch at the bottom.
If it's inside the machine it might be gears grinding. You could always take off the plastic casing and turn the handle manually and try to listen to where the noise is coming from, or look for wearing.