Broken Laptop

A while back my dad gave me his old laptop. The screen had a bunch of lines across it, so the monitor on it was basically useless. But i had it connected to my tv so i didn't need the monitor.
how to fix a broken laptop screen, connection, cable
But i thought i'd try and fix it the other day, hoping i didn't make it any worse. Using this
guide, i saw that if i just removed a few things i could get to the monitor plug/cable. So i took out the screws and removed the keyboard and cover.
how to remove a laptop computer parts, fix a broken laptop
how to take apart a laptop, keyboard, battery, screen, repair
I looked at the cable. It seemed ok, maybe a little pinched at the hinge point but nothing obvious.laptop monitor broken, check screen cable, hinge
I then unplugged it, used the old nintendo technique of blowing air into it, which really does nothing, then firmly plugged it back in. While the keyboard was still off i put the battery back in and turned it on. That seemed to fix it. I guess it was just a loose connection with one of the pins.
how to fix a broken laptop screen, push in ribbon cable in case, under keyboard

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