Keyboard & Mouse

I have been looking to buy this Lenovo Mini Wireless Keyboard N5901 for a while now. It sells for $60 but it's frequently on sale for $30 and that's what i ended up paying for it.
Lenovo Mini Wireless Keyboard N5901, for HTPC
In many of the reviews people complained about the keyboard not being lighted, i can sort of see what they meant. If you are using this a an HTPC remote then you will probably be watching movies in a dark room. Think of this as trying to type on a cell phone because it's about that same size.

It connected to the computer very easily, just the typical USB wireless transmitter and my computer recognized it right away. I used it for a week but ended up going back to my wireless mouse and keyboard. I just felt more comfortable with a mouse and keyboard. But if you are someone that doesn't do a lot of typing, maybe the occasional email, and doesn't have space for a mouse and keyboard then this would be fine.

It does have a bit of a "plastic" feel to it, especially the track ball. But having said that it worked fine.handheld wireless mouse and keyboard, lenovo, track ball

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