Internet TV

I don't have cable anymore but i hardly miss it. Here's how i watch practically any tv show with just an internet connection.

This is my setup in the living room with a c
omputer connected to my TV and using a wireless keyboard and mouse.HTPC setup, 51inch plasma HDTV, wireless mouse and keyboard
The most popular site that most people have heard of is Hulu. There are plenty of sites that are similar to Hulu, they have a limited number of shows with commercials every 15 minutes. Side Reel is a site that brings all of those other sites together, eg Nbc.com, ComedyCentral.com, Hulu.com, etc.

I also like watching old PBS shows like Nova.
They have tons of great shows there.

Now the start of the "Questionably Legitimate Sites." These look and act like Hulu but they get they have tons of TV shows and movies that aren't on Hulu.
The first thing to remember here is never to download anything. Just hit the play button, you don't need any special exe viewer they try to get you to download. JUST PRESS PLAY.

The best site is Project Free TV. They have almost everything. Fancast is pretty good too.
If you want to watch Live TV as it's being broadcasted there's Fomny. It's not great and doesn't always work well but you can get live streams from various FOX, NBC and the History channel. Yesterday i watched the NFL draft live on NFL.com
Typically i use Project Free TV, today i just watched the new Mythbusters episode. It was new on Wednesday and i'm watching it at 6PM on Thursday. project free tv screenshot, shows, movies, episode It's basically like an online TiVo.

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