While reading about palm trees i learned about growing date palms. And while reading about date palms i learned about growing peanuts. It looked like a cool idea so i bought a bag of RAW peanuts from Walmart.

For peanuts the soil temperature has to be hot for 100-120 days, depending on the type of peanut. Valencia and Spanish peanuts would have been the best here in Michigan because they only need 100 days. But i couldn't find those.

The only raw peanuts they had still in the shell were Virginia peanuts.
How to grow a peanut plant from raw peanuts, store bought
So i soaked them for a day and they really swelled up, probably double their original size. I've heard mixed theories about planting them in the shell or without the shell so i did both.

As usual i put them in zip-lock bags.
After 3 days the first ones to sprout were two of the seeds that were in their shell.peanut root, soak seeds in water for 3 days, sprouting
Here's the original peanut, without the shell and after soaking in water for a day

swelling peanut after soaking in water, sprout, root
And 2 days laterpeanut seed root, sprout, grow at home, indoors
After 10 days....It grows really fast.peanut plant grows really fast, raw seeds, 10 days
And since i'm using a clear bowl i should be able to see the peanuts under the ground.
Peanut plant roots, fan out, clear bowl, raw seeds

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