Intro to 3D Printing - A Series

My blog and youtube channel has always been about things i'm interested in, things i build, and things i fix around the house.  And a few months ago i got a new 3D printer.  So i thought it would be a great thing to write about and record video's about.

Intro to 3D Printing - A Series


More 3D printing blog posts and video's i've done or will do:
1 - Introduction to 3D Printing 1 - Introduction to 3D Printing
2 - Best Beginner 3D Printer 2 - Best Beginner 3D Printer
3 - Monoprice MP Select Mini - Printer Setup 3 - Monoprice MP Select Mini - Printer Setup
4 - Things I Learned as Beginner 4 - Things I Learned as Beginner
5 - What are my Gcode & Cura Settings 5 - What are my Gcode & Cura Settings
6 - Make Filament Spool Holder 6 - Make Filament Spool Holder
7 - Different Filament Explained 7 - Different Filament Explained
8 - 3D Printer Enclosure 8 - 3D Printer Enclosure
9 - Filament Dry Box 9 - Filament Dry Box
10 - Glass Print Bed & Z Spacer 10 - Glass Print Bed & Z Spacer
11 - Granite & Marble Print Bed 11 - Granite & Marble Print Bed
12 - Fix Clog in Extruder & Nozzle 12 - Fix Clog in Extruder & Nozzle
13 - Insulate Hot End - Prevent Clog 13 - Insulate Hot End - Prevent Clog
14 - Install 50mm Fan and Shroud 14 - Install 50mm Fan and Shroud
15 - Insulate Print Bed 15 - Insulate Print Bed
16 - Drawing/Modify 3D Parts - Best Program 16 - Drawing/Modify 3D Parts - Best Program
17 - Install New V6 Hotend 17 - Install New V6 Hotend
18 - MOSFET Hot End Replace - Main Board 18 - MOSFET Hot End Replace - Main Board

F1 - Filastruder - spool.works E3D Edge F1 - Filastruder - spool.works E3D Edge
F2 - colorFabb - NGEN F2 - colorFabb - NGEN
F3 - Monofilament Direct - PLA F3 - Monofilament Direct - PLA
F4 - 3D Universe - PLA F4 - 3D Universe - PLA
F5 - FormFutura - HDglass & EasyFil PLA F5 - FormFutura - HDglass & EasyFil PLA

I highly recommend that if you are someone that loves building and designing, you definitely need to try using a 3D printer.
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In past years that meant spending thousands of dollars.  But as more and more people and companies have gotten into 3D printing, the prices have come down.  I will be getting more into things like features and costs, but the printer i have can be purchased for $200.

price of 3D printer, how much does it cost, beginner 3D printer, amazon

I plan on making video's and writing about everything i've learned and built over the past months:
 - How to pick out a beginner 3D Printer
 - My opinion of this Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer
 - Things i've learned in 3D printing
 - Settings
 - Filament Spool Holder
 - 3D Filament Explained
 - Enclosure
 - Dry Box Storage
 - Glass, Marble, Granite Print Bed and Cutting
 - Fix a Clog in Filament

Here's a simple enclosure i made to keep the printer quiet, hold in heat, and light the work surface.
3D printer enclosure, DIY, make, insulate, lighted, box, how to, make, build

Here'e a big pile of all my 3D printing stuff.
tools for 3D printing, what do i need for 3d printing, how to start, beginner

Typical Thingiverse page where you can download all sorts of 3D parts.
filetype for 3d printing, 3d file type, .stl, .obj

Close-up of a 3D print.  I was trying to figure out how to remove those little blobs.  What to adjust in the settings?
settings for 3d printing, cura, simplify3d, slic3r, speed, temp, retraction, how to adjust

Here's the 3D printer i have, the Monoprice Select Mini.
best beginner 3d printer, monoprice select mini, price, cost

A design i did on AutoCAD for a filament spool holder.
plans, design, filament holder, 3d printer, angle, make

This is a close-up of the hotend that comes with the MP Select M
simple 3d printer hot end, extruder, mp select mini, maylan 200

I will be showing you what to look for when buying a 3D printer, how much 3D printers cost, how i built a printer enclosure, how i tested different print beds like glass, marble and granite, how i tested all different filaments and all the settings, tips and tricks to help people just staring out with printing.  I will try to make things short and to the point, focusing on what you need to know and what's important.

I will also be doing Filament Reviews of several different filaments from different companies.
what type of material do you 3d print with, free filament, 3d printing

Right now it's purely a hobby for me.  But it is fun knowing that if i spent more time designing parts in 3 dimensions, that i would be able to print anything i could draw.  I will definitely have to improve my 3D CAD skills, using programs like SketchUp.

Considering that 3D printing is relatively new, I assume that most people are also beginners.  So i would be focusing everything i do toward someone just starting out with 3D printing.

So i hope that this is something that everyone is interest in as well and will enjoy the video's, pictures, and write-ups.

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