Ring Toss Game - Easy to Make


For as long as i can remember this ring toss game has been hanging on the wall of my parents cottage.
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The story is that it was made by my grandmothers father i think back around the 19??'s.  It's obviously a really simple game but we play it all the time when we are there.

I know that now there's a lot of modern versions of the game with sticky balls, balls with velcro, etc.  But this game never breaks, never tears, and never wears out.  Plus everyone likes to play, from 4 year olds to 84 year olds.  Plus it looks cool and is an antique.

Here's a close up of the board.  There are numbers 1-13 under all the hooks.
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Just a square piece of wood with metal hooks spaced evenly and at the edges.
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Now instead of velcro tennis balls, we use round rubber jar lids.

Here's another version that my parents have, made at the same time.
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We found out that not all rubber jar lids are made equally.  The older lids we have are thick heavy rubber, but we bought some newer ones that are thinner rubber and more flimsy.

To play the game you just throw all the rubber rings and add up all the numbers that the rings get hooked.

But it's great if you are looking to make an old antique game in a kids room or somewhere in a house for people to play.  It cost basically nothing to make and will last forever.

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