Baby Edge and Corner Guards - For Less Money


With our son turning a year old and starting to run around the house we thought it would be a good idea to buy some foam corner guards for furniture he might bump into.  After going to some stores and looking on Amazon and seeing how much the real guards cost, we realized that there was a cheaper option.  This was the price at i think Target.
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The real guards are made of soft foam with double stick tape on the back.  But at $20 for just 12 feet and 4 corners, it was way too expensive.

I had heard of some people that use those baby foam pool noodles.  They are really thick and usually bright colors.  Although to attach them to furniture you would have to cut a couple of slits in them and add tape.  Not the best look and it's only held on with friction.
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Those would have been ok, kind of ugly, but you can purchase a 4' or 5' section of foam at the dollar store for obviously $1.  Then one day i was at Lowe's in the plumbing section and i saw these.
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They are foam insulation tubes for the water pipes in your house.  They come with a slit cut in them and double sided tape installed on the cut.
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You can get them in all different sizes and range in price to right around $1.
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They also had fancy corner pieces but they cost more.
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Here's the foam pieces that i got.
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I thought they were perfect.  They are suppose to be used to wrap plumbing pipe in your house.  You probably have some in your basement around your copper hot and cold water pipes.  They are insulators to keep the hot water hot and cold water cold.  Also i think they help from keeping cold water pipes from "sweating" and dripping water down.

They are black so they don't stand out.  They can be purchased in different sizes, technically for the different diameter pipes.  They already have a slit cut in them.  And they already have double stick tape on the inside of the cut.  They come in 8' lengths and cost between $1.20 and $3.00, depending on diameter.
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I bought the size 3/4" and it cost $1.87.  So i ended up with 40' of foam corner protectors for under $10.
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We ended up putting the foam in our sons play room and a few tables in the living room.
Safety Bumper Guards

They worked great.  The tape wasn't super strong, but that was also a good thing, in that i heard that some of the real protectors leave a sticky residue when you try to remove them.  He tried to pull them off immediately.
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At corners we had to cut a 'V' in the foam so that it could turn 90 degrees.

Other than that, they worked better than expected.  And at 23 cents per foot, they can't be beat.

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