Screwdriver Tool Wall Rack - Organize Storage

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Screwdriver Tool Wall Rack - Organize Tool Storage 

Over the years of buying stuff from Harbor Freight and using their coupons, i've acquired several sets of their free screwdrivers.

Here's the free screwdrivers that you've all seen.
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And here's the Harbor Freight free screwdriver coupon you use.
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They aren't great, but for being free, they aren't bad and nice to have lying around.

It's always a pain when you are working outside or somewhere in the house and need a screwdriver and have to run down to the basement to grab one.  So a couple years ago i made a screwdriver wall rack out of PVC pipe.
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At my parents cottage we are always in need of some tools when we are in the garage or down on the beach.  So i thought that i would make a few more screwdriver storage racks to put in the garage and in the shed.

Obviously it's not the most complex thing in the world, but just some simple compact wall rack is super convenient.
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You can use any size PVC you have, but 1" diameter is what i had.  For the 6 screwdrivers i spaced them 2" apart with some space on the ends to drill holes for the screws to attach to the wall.
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Then i spray painted it black.
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I like to hang whatever i spray paint from the ceiling so that i can get all angles and it doesn't have a flat spot where it's touching.
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The next time i went up north i screwed them into the 2x4 stud walls.  One i put in the beach shed, one in the garage and one in the new garage near the new 2x4 workbench i built.
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screwdriver wall rack, case, free screwdriver, harbor freight, pvc shelf

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