Free Humidifier in Winter - Towel Over Heat Vent

When the furnace in our house runs it always seems to blow dry air.  Even when i turn up the furnace mounted humidifier, the air coming out upstairs is dry.  That means that in the winter, when the furnace runs overnight, everyone's nose and throat drys out and get more susceptible to getting sick.

Free Humidifier for Bedroom


We do have a small humidifier in our bedroom and our son's bedroom.  But the problem with that is we are trying to combat the dry air with humid air.

A free solution to that problem is something i learned while working out of town and staying in hotel rooms.  When we had an in-the-room heater that blew hot dry air, we would put a wet towel over the vent.  That would force the dry air through the wet towel, and it made a huge difference.  So i decided to try that at home.  Instead of just putting the wet towel right on top of the floor heat vent, i decided to use a milk crate.
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That way i would get more surface area for the air to blow through and also get the wet towel up off the floor.  We also have hard wood floors in both bedrooms.  If you are doing this in a room with carpet you might want to put some sort of plastic garbage bag down first.  Because you want the towel to be very wet, pretty much to the point of slowly dripping.

8 hours later, the next morning the towel is dry as a bone.  When we lift it off the milk crate the towel keeps its square shape.
dry air furnace, blowing, vent, wet towel, bedroom, humidifier

I have definitely noticed a difference and know in the morning when i forget to wet the towel.

It's just a cheap (free actually) way of keeping a room in your house humid through the winter months.

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