Google Search - Rich Snippet Profile Picture Using Blogger

I finally got my profile picture to show up below my title and next to my description for Google searches. I had a very difficult time getting it to work, the whole process took about a month. With Google it is a gradual process and it still appears to be gradually updating. Notice how my pages show different Rich Snippet data.
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One page will show my phony Rating and Reviews, while another just shows my profile picture. Here's the 3 different type of results people may see.
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Here's a link to my previous attempt at How to Make Your Profile Picture Appear on Google Search . Back when i wrote that all i could get to show up in the rich snippet data was a fake rating. I still like the idea of having my page show 5 stars and 300 reviews. I think people are much more likely to click on my page when they see that.

Since that post i changed just a few things. First was replace my Blogger profile with my Google+ profile. That way i don't have to add a link like the instructions say to do, it just goes directly to the right profile.

So the link changed from this (Blogger profile): http://www.blogger.com/profile/05738850827175755919
Next i changed my profile picture. I read that some people tried to put a Logo as their profile picture but Google didn't allow it. So they must have some type of face recognition. So i changed it to something that shows an actual face. But anyway, since this has started working i've switched it back to the picture of me with goggles and a face mask on. If it stops working then i'll know it is because of the picture.
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The last thing i did was get rid of excess HTML code. When i couldn't get it to work i kept trying and adding different HTML. So by the end i had 5 different versions of what i though the correct HTML code should be. That was a mistake. When i finally realized which one of the 5 codes was the right one, i removed the other 4, then checked the result on Google's Rich Snippet Testing Tool for my page.
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It seemed to be working, then 1 week later it started to show up on random pages in Google Search. But still not every page. I have no idea still why it works on some and not all of them. I guess i just have to wait some more to find out.


Ahmed said...

hi dave, great post! but plz can u tell me how to setup review star rating for blogger in search results?

thanks in advance,,

Notitlerequired said...

i wrote about it back on this page:

but the actual code i got off of the Rich Snippet Testing Tool Page:

Then i clicked on Products on the right.

But the actual HTML Code is:

<noscript><span class="reviewaggregate hreview-aggregate"><span class="item"><span class="fn">No Title Required</span></span><span class="rating">4.2</span><span class="count">119</span></span></noscript>