A year ago on Google Blogger i noticed that www.notitlerequired.com was available. I thought about buying the domain but i never did. Then the other day, for some reason, i decided to buy it for $10 per year.

My original plan was to change everything on THIS blog and transfer it over to the new URL. But it just seemed like tons of work. I could set it up so that when people type in http://davewirth.blogspot.com/ it would automatically redirect them to notitlerequired.com. But i didn't want to have to deal with 2 of everything, in terms of links and pictures.

At any time i could always change this blog over but as of right now i'm keeping this as it is. And after a year if i don't like it, i can just stop paying the $10 and go back to the way it was.

So what i decided to do was create a Photography page. My plan was to create some sort of fancy, artistic website where people could see and maybe purchase my best photographs.

The problem i've had so far is with the limitations of Google Blogger. I wish it had an "online folder" where i could upload the raw HTML file for each page. That way i could make a really cool and unique website with different layouts for the various pages. But the way Blogger works, every page is the same and each gets published in a linear fashion. So i am going to have to look more into other hosting sites that allow online uploading and full customization.  

So the site notitlerequired.com, as it is right now, is just temporary.  When i have more time to make a fancy photography site i will let everyone know.

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