RoboCop Statue in Detroit

It started as a rumor...then rumor became legend.

Then people started to collect money to build a 7' tall Iron statue of RoboCop in Downtown Detroit. It may be taller and made of bronze depending on cost. And it still hasn't been finalized as to where the statue will be located. It will either be at Wayne State University Tech Town or near Michigan Central Train Station.

I made a Photoshop drawing i made of what it might look like.
robocop statue in detroit, train station, wayne state campus, look like
2,718 people donated money
$67,436 raised (the goal was to raise $50,000)

Here's the laser cut die pattern they will be using.
robocop statue, laser cut die, pattern, iron, bronze, cost, money
So now people going downtown for Tigers games will start saying "Let's meet at RoboCop at 7:30."

And for every person that says (in a nagging voice) "why are you building a RoboCop statue when Detroit needs money for poor people and bla bla bla..."

To answer that imaginary person; it's because that's what the people with all the money decided. They came up with a plan for a cool statue, gathered money and now it's going to be built. It's amazing how things can get built in the city when the City Council gets out of the way.

Had this been a Detroit City Council project, half the money would have mysteriously turned up missing and the other half would have been wasted to pay off their political buddies and nothing would have been built. Then they would have bickered and claimed it was a race issue saying "Why does RoboCop have to be a white guy...hummph?"

If people wanted to start a campaign called "Money to revitalize Detroit's neighborhoods" then the money would go to building houses. But that didn't happen. And even if they did, i'm sure they would have collected a lot less then the amount they collected for RoboCop.

I would only donate money to Detroit housing if it was called "Dynamite collection fund to improve housing in Detroit"

demolish buildings in detroit, houses, falling down, knock down, poor

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