Painting the Livingroom

With help from Karrie and my parents, i painted my:
  • living room
  • dining room
  • hallway
  • stairs
  • upstairs hallway
  • living room ceiling
  • front closet

It took 2 days and almost 4 cans of paint.

I was originally thinking of gray paint but after doing a bit of Photoshop drawings i thought that it would look very bland. Here's what it would have looked like.
photoshop, wall color, paint, easy change room color, computer

But i decided to go with a type of tan with a satin finish. The room doesn't have a lot of light so the shinier finish would help to brighten the room.
painting the livingroom, pool table, roller paint, brush, tan

Painting the stairs. The wood platform was great for getting the high walls.painting starir, stairway, ladder, platform, wood, hard

Using a ladder and wood platform.
wood ladder, wood platform, paint stairs, house, how to

New white closet paint.paint closet, make it look like new, white closet paint

Here's a time lapse video of painting the dining room.

Scraping the paint off the bay window.

Here's a short time lapse video of cleaning up with the vacuum and carpet cleaner.

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Unknown said...

Looks nice. Probably feels like a whole new house in there with all new paint.