DIY - How to Make 360° Time Lapse Photography

A cool technique i saw to make time lapse photos more interesting is actually really easy. While taking the photos, the camera is mounted on a kitchen timer; the timer rotates as the pictures are being taken.

I was going to originally use an old kitchen timer i had.
Lux Kitchen Timer White
Disassemble Kitchen Timer

But it didn't seem like it would be very solid to attach a camera to and the spring didn't have a lot of torque. Disassemble Kitchen Timer Bell Ticking
So here's the timer i used. I got it from Ikea, it's called the Ordning. It's great for this because it is heavy and flat. Ikea Ordning Kitchen Timer
To attach a camera to the timer i used JB Weld and attached a 1/4-20 bolt to the top.
Ikea Ordning Kitchen Timer 360 degree time lapse

Then i also attached two nuts to the side. That way i can either take pictures on by setting the timer on a flat surface or attach to a tripod. Ordning Timer 360 degree time lapse
Here's what a time lapse video looks like using the timer.
I actually posted earlier while making the Pine Beds.

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MrPistachios said...

Awesome work!

I was thinking of using one of those 6hr wall intermatic timers to get an overnight timelapse from the roof. Not sure how strong they are or how to attach a camera to it.