2012 GM Cars - Chevy Sonic and Buick Verano

While at the GM plant in Lake Orion Michigan i got a look at the new 2012 GM cars coming off the assembly line. The Chevrolet Sonic and the Buick Verano.
Here's a view of the lot where the cars were parked as they came directly off the line.
GM Assembly Plant, Lake Orion, Michigan, Sonic, Verano

I have to say that they both looked pretty good. The Sonic is the replacement for the Aveo, which is the A class or cheapest car they make. I got to drive the Aveo a few times when i rented an Economy Car from the airport car rental desk. It was a terrible car. It felt very "plasticy", everything squeaked and the ride was bad. But after talking with some of the guys at the plant, they said that the new car is designed a little differently, has larger tires (to replace the Aveo's piano wheels) and a different body style. And i have to say it looks better. This picture is of the standard 1.8 liter, 6 speed automatic. It get's around 35 mpg on the highway.
new chevy sonic, 2012, economy, budget, car, hatchback, assembly line

I saw a model there that got 50 miles per gallon but i didn't see the specs. But i did see that they had a turbo charged, 1.4 liter, 5 speed manual. Even that got 40 miles per gallon. I think this car would be great, a relatively cheap ($18,000) car that gets 30-40 mpg.
2102 chevrolet sonic, window price list, sticker, options

Here was the other car they were making at the plant. The Buick Verano. It's like a "baby buick." It looked good too though. I would think it's intended for a younger demographic of people then the normal Buick owners.
2012 Buick Verano, GM plant, production line, michigan

A you can see it cost around $25,000. It looks like it has a ton of features: Remote starter, heated mirrors, steering wheel controls.
2102 buick verano, window price list, sticker, options

I like both of the cars. Well i'd probably have to drive them to really tell. I'm sure the Sonic will be the new "Budget" car at all the car rental offices at the airport, so i can give it a try then.

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