Ikea Light

Last week Karrie and i went to IKEA to look around.

My favorite area is the Lights. I really like the hanging lights made of plastic. They are just like the IQ Light i made a year ago. The funny thing is that all they are is just plastic, a cord and a light bulb. Total cost to make is about 80cents but they are charging $20. If i had big plastic sheets and some sort of stamping press i could sell them online and make a ton.
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Here are the big floor lights. They are pretty much made out of paper.ikea light, lights, floor light, paper white light, cheap floor lights

I ended up buying 2 of the DUDERO lights. I think they were $20 each, and the tiny light bulbs were another $7.
ikea dudero light, white paper light, floor, dudero, box, instructions

Here it is set up in my living room. It does a great job and i really like the floor switch that you can turn on with your foot.
ikea dudero light, ikea white paper floor light, foot switch, paper light

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