Illegal Light Bulbs

Stock up on 100 watt light bulbs because by October 2012, it will be illegal for stores to sell incandescent bulbs. 60 and 40 watt bulbs will be illegal by 2014. I'm thinking i should buy boxes and sell them on the black market. Though there isn't a lot of money to be made in $0.25 light bulbs.

illegal light bulb

So what are your options:

I keep reading in magazines that this bulb will be the future, an LED that is incased in some weird liquid. It will only cost around $30 for 1 bulb. Great deal, huh.
new LED light bulb

Here's another option, $54 for one bulb.

expensive LED light bulb

Or how about one for $90.
enhancelite a19 LED light bulb
They do make CFL bulbs which i've used before. But even this is way more expensive, a 4 pack cost $30. And when you flip the switch there's a 1 second delay before the light comes on. It doesn't seem like a big deal but it quickly becomes annoying.
CFL bulb spiral light

Why don't they just ban gasoline powered cars and force everyone to drive electric or hydrogen too? I know the whole point is to save energy and thus save the planet but i think this is pointless and expensive.


Unknown said...

Join the revolution. We're saving the planet 1 light bulb at a time! :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, we SHOULD have banned gas cars long ago...

Notitlerequired said...

Thats stupid.

Yesterday I drove an old van, with 211,870 miles on it from detroit to chicago. Then today I'm driving it all the way back. In total, over 640 miles on +- 40 gallons of gas.

Please show me an electric or hydrogen car that can do that. A nissan leaf can go 100 miles then takes 13 hours to charge up. And the battery only lasts 7 or 8 years.

One thing I do agree with is that in the 80's the government forced car companies to improve gas economy, then stopped. The average mpg went from 10 to 25 where it has stayed for 30 years. Had they continued rho force companies to continue to improve, today we would have cars getting 100 mpg.