How to Grow a Lotus Plant Indoors from a Seed

Taking everything i learned from last year:
American Lotus
Sprouting Lotus Seeds
Lotus in the Sun
Final Lotus of the Year

I'm trying to grow some lotus plants inside again this winter.
But rather than a big pot with mud i figured i could try placing them in clear plastic cups inside of a fish tank. That way i could see how the tubers or roots are growing too.

The 3 keys to growing them:
Heat -
underwater heater, stays right around 88 degrees
Sun - by the window and grow light
Humidity -
Saran wrap over tank

Here's the setup. There are 2 Asian Lotus seeds and 2 American Lotus seeds.
Indoor Lotus Tank
I think it took about 5 days for them to break through the seed shell, and 4 days to grow to this point. The Asian Lotus seeds sprouted first.
American Lotus Seeds Grow
The roots starting to form.
Lotus Roots
A week and a half later they had grown quite a bit bigger.
Grow Lotus from Seed
Several leaves.Lotus Leaves
The first tuber and more roots.
Lotus Tuber
Second tuber a week later, so it appears to still be growing.
New Lotus shoots and Tuber
We'll see if they continue to grow or die like the many others that i tried growing indoors.


Unknown said...

What happened to your fish, man?

Notitlerequired said...

About a year ago, all within 1 week, they started swimming weird then died. I'm thinking they must have gotten some disease.