ND Filter at Lake Erie

On the drive home from Cincinnati i pulled off I-75 at a Exit 5 near the Consumers Energy power plant where i had been working a lot this summer. There's a small parking lot where you can walk to Lake Erie. I've taken some pictures there before when the lake level was way down. I was still a little bummed out with some of the pictures i took in Tennessee, using my homemade ND filter.
I made an ND filter for my camera from a piece of welding glass, but when i took pictures of the rivers and Laural Falls i forgot to set my camera to RAW. That means that i had to spend a long time in Photoshop and the pictures still never turned out very good, the colors were all off.

So i walked along Lake Erie and took around 25 pictures. The exposure times ranged between 4 and 15 seconds. I couldn't really tell by looking at my camera how well they turned out because with the welders glass they all had a green tint to them. Here's what they looked like directly out of the camera.
Homemade ND Filter from a Piece of Welders Glass
But when i got home and processed them with Photoshop i was really happy. This time they turned out much better.
Welding Glass ND Filter
White Balance Photoshop ND Filter
This one i converted to black and white.
black and white ND Filter of lake water
Here is just a normal photo i took with the ND filter not on.
Shoreline of Lake Erie
The ND filter allows you to open the lens for a much longer time then you would normally be able to, creating a glassy effect on the water.DIY Homemade ND Filter
This picture is definitely my favorite.
DIY Homemade ND Filter Photoshop Welding Glass

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