DIY Cell Phone Holder - For Your Car

The other day on Lifehacker i saw how you could make a car cell phone holder out of a binder clip. It's used to hold your phone up while driving in the car.

I basically followed the same directions. But after bending the wires i decided to wrap them with yarn instead. And then so the phone didn't slip, i used Goop glue, which has similar consistency as rubber cement or hot glue.
DIY Cell Phone Holder, For Your Car
It held the phone better then i thought it would.
make Cell Phone Holder, Binder Clip
free Cell Phone Holder
So i tried it out while driving in the car and it worked fine. But it does depend what you are clipping on to. All i had in my car was the thin air vent, which didn't give much support and the phone wobbled a little.
how to make a Cell Phone Holder for your car
But overall i think it worked really well.
Cell phone Holder for your Car
It's a cheap and easy way to see if you like using a phone clip, before buying a fancy, expensive one.
Cell phone Holder for your Car, clip, binder, free


John In Sydney said...

You should get the nobel prize of the year, not all phone holders are the same and i cannot put something on my windscreen, i will be fined and your method wins everything and everyone, thanks for your simple and yet effective solution.

Unknown said...

I hate people like you! You always get the best ideas and elegant solutions to problems.

(Desperately searches for receipt to return expensive cell phone holder)

Anonymous said...

you can use shrink tubes instead of yarn.