Behind the Scenes - Filming of The Revolution on ABC

Some of the people from kickball and bowling decided to play dodge ball this winter. Before the games even started, they received an email saying that they needed people to play a few games, which would be filmed for the show The Revolution on ABC. I think it's suppose to be one of those motivational weight loss shows.

Well this all happened a few months ago, but Today, Wednesday, March 7th the episode is supposed to air at 2pm. Here's what it looked like from the stands. The woman in the purple shirt is Angela Patrick, who the show is based on.
Behind the Scenes Filming of ABC the Revolution
I decided not to play until the camera crew left, i really didn't want to be on TV.
Behind the Scenes Filming of ABC angela patrick
It wasn't as bad as i thought. The director didn't get that involved, just kind of filmed what happened during the game.
Filming ABC TV Show the Revolution

Watch the full episode here: The Revolution 3/7

Skip ahead to 29:30 into the show. You can just make out Karrie in the background.
Filming ABC TV Show


Unknown said...

How did they find your kickball group in Michigan? By the way, have never seen the show, but the guy with the gray hair is from that designer show with Seal's wife. Love him on that show.

Notitlerequired said...

ABC contacted the dodgeball league in the area. The dodgeball league sent out an email to the teams that were signed up to play that year, asking if they wanted to play a few games and be on TV.

I've never watched the show either, just skimmed through it to find that part. And the guy is Tim "make it work" Gunn.